Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Four More Years of Joe Biden Kicks Off

Hat tip Daily Caller

Joe "Heartbeat" Biden is off the a fast start in his second 4-year-term (unless he decides to step down so Hillary Clinton can step in). Daily Caller has his latest gaffe as he congratulates soime guy who "won" a state senate election in Delaware even though he dropped out of the race after being indicted for having sex with a minor.

"Worse, Delaware’s Eric Bodenweiser didn’t just have a change of heart: He was indicted on 113 felony counts related to accusations he raped a boy 39 times between 1987 and 1990 — beginning when the victim, now in his 30s, was 13 years old."

"That's a big f***** deal."

I guess Joe didn't think there was anything irregular about a vote for X being recorded as a vote for Y.

Just another day at the polls.


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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Hey, I hope someone at the White House picks up on all the advice I've posted here for them!

They could start by googling "Jan Schakowsky" within this site.

Gary Fouse said...

Jan Schakowsky-another idiot.

elwood p suggins said...

JAN SCHAKOWSKY FOR PRESIDENT IN 2016!!!!! Am I confused here, and without researching it out, or did her husband not do felony time (may still be doing it for all I know or care) on some sort of tax dodge or financial scam???