Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who the Hell is Richard Wolffe?

"There is no other way to look at this..."

Richard Wolffe is a silly pseudo-intellectual British talking head on MSNBC-right where he fits in with all the other mad hatters who occupy that sorry excuse for a news channel. Now he comes forth and accuses John McCain of being a racist-all because McCain has the temerity to criticize our UN ambassador Susan Rice-who happens to be-if you didn't know it by now- a "woman of color".

Wolffe is not only wrong, but he ought to think twice about how he stacks up against McCain before he throws such charges around. Wolffe is no veteran of any military service let alone a combat veteran or former POW who was tortured for years by his captors. Ten Wolffes could not one McCain make.

McCain has neither said nor done anything to brand himself as a racist. He conducted himself with honor during his 2008 campaign and gave a most gracious concession speech on the night he lost the election. As a senator, I don't always agree with McCain, but he is a man of honor. What is Wolffe?

He's a jerk-that's what he is.


Miggie said...

That's the new character assassination that the left does so well. Any disagreement with policy or performance, no matter what, is labelled "Racist."

You would think that the left's treating the blacks as protected sort of disabled children would be over by now.

There was a case of a while man who was elected to Congress from a district that was 98 or 99% black and he was not allowed to join the Congressional Black Caucus. Now if you judge people by something other than the color of their skin, that is the essence of racism.

Obama put race relations back 50 years by reigniting a discourse that was already over with. Despite have elected a black man twice to the highest office in the country, the left insists we are a racist country!

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't always agree with McCain, but he is a man of honor.

McCain deserves a good pension and a comfortable retirement for his sacrifices in uniform, but what's been honorable about his political career?

I'm as tired as anyone of hearing "racism" substituted for pointed criticism of what exactly is wrong with a policy, statement, or person.

But having other motivations than race doesn't make McCain honorable.

elwood p suggins said...

Who's afraid of Richard Wolffe anyway???

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I'm not, elwood's not... is Gary?

elwood p suggins said...

I'm not afraid of Virginia, either.