Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Who Deleted the Reference to Terror? CBS Says it Was Clapper

Jimmy the Handicapper Clapper

At least that's the scoop of the day from CBS. According to this idea, which is too tenuous for me to embrace, it was Clapper, or at least his office of National Intelligence, that took out the references to al Qaeda and terror in the intelligence talking points memo because it was "too tenuous".

Well, not nearly as tenuous as the line about a protest over a video that had spun out of control.

Never mind that State Department officials at Foggy Bottom (now that's an appropriate name for where it is located) were watching the attack in real time and that Petraeus and his working folks knew from the get-go it was terror.

On the other hand, this just may be an effort by the clueless Clapper to take one for the team and be the fall guy. Or we may hear another explanation tomorrow as the administration keeps looking for an explanation that will make all this go away.

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Squid said...

" The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) was responsible, expunging references to “Al-Qaeda” and “terrorism” from the talking points." The White House saves itself by having Clapper, who went on record saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is a largely secular organization, make the convenient changes to the talking points. Clapper is a dolt, who has no intelligence about the enemy. This report makes me feel soooo secure, knowing that the head of intelligence for the nation is just a puppet for puppet-master and Chief.