Thursday, November 15, 2012

The OC Jewish Federation "Reacts" to the UC Irvine Divestiture Motion

Hat tip Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism

We finally have a reaction from the Orange County Jewish Federation to this week's UCI student government's resolution for divestiture from companies doing business from Israel. They seem to think they were blindsided by a small group of students. On the contrary, if you look at the video, there were plenty of people present when the vote was cast.

The Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism has an update with video and the minutes of the meeting..

“For the past five years, the Orange County Jewish community, the Consul General of Israel and the UCI administration have built close relations and strong academic ties to Israel that benefit UCI students, faculty and the community,” said Shalom C. Elcott, President and CEO of Jewish Federation & Family Services of Orange County. “That work will not be undermined by divisive efforts that constitute an abuse of student representation and are contrary to the interest of students who wish to partake in the valuable opportunities that global engagement brings.”

Blah blah blah, woof woof woof, quack quack quack.

Good old Shalom Elcott again. The hapless CEO of the OC Jewish Federation always has a statement to be read. I hope the donors to that feckless organization take note of this latest development when they come with their hand out for more donations based on all the "great work" they are doing at UCI.

And how about that Olive Tree Initiative they help fund?

If it is so beneficial to Jewish students and has (by their own words) made the situation better at UCI, how did this latest resolution pass?

Here is another question: Where were the Jewish students?  The meeting was on the ASUCI calendar. Lots of people were there. Some guy from the campus service workers union was there. Even that failed dopey actress, Estee Chandler of Jewish Voice for Peace (a misnomer if there ever was one) was there. Who came to speak against the resolution? This is pure speculation, but were Jewish students advised to stand down by anyone-as they have in the past? Who knows?

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fullerton taxpayer said...

a co-worker of mine who is Jewish attended UCI in the 1970's.
Her comment to the blatant anti-Semitism at her alma mater is "what happened?".
Exactly. What happened to acceptance and appreciation of diversity? When did an institution of higher learning turn from a place where all faiths, races and ethnicities were seen as a complement to its student body into a place of carefully cultivated schisms that crack apart the solidarity of UCI's student body?
Anti-Semitism, regardless of who currently screams it out, raises the ugly head of history that in horrific conscientiousness recorded pogroms, holocausts, inquisitions.
Now California's inquisitions found on UC campuses are legitmized by its very own professors and administration.
History shows us persecution of Jews often is rooted in the erroneous belief that the Jewish community undermines the well-being of the dominant society.
UCI's anti-Semitism is rooted in its political correctness of championing a perceived victim of Jewish machinations, the Arab world.
Please, must history record US ground zero for another pogrom or holocaust was UC Irvine and other UC campuses?