Monday, November 12, 2012

Leon Panetta's Lame Explanation

Hat tip Front Page Magazine

"Good news, Davy! The Army has been ordered to Oklahoma!"

Daniel Greenfield, writing in Front Page Magazine, examines Leon Panetta's latest statement about doing all he could to help the besieged Benghazi mission.

Amazing. They had forces flying from Croatia to Sicily, Northern Italy to Sicily, and  Spain to Tripoli. Yet, the only ones who went to Benghazi were those CIA contractors in Tripoli, a team that included Glen Doherty, who was killed around the 7-hour mark.

And these people are still hanging on to their jobs rather than do the honorable thing and resign.

And President Obama? All we hear about him is that he gave Panetta and General Dempsey the "order" to do whatever was necessary to save our people early in the evening of 9-11 Washington time.  Then he appeared in the Rose Garden the next morning to read a statement on the deaths of our people before jetting off to campaign in Las Vegas. Nothing about the 12 or so hours in between.

And what was Hillary Clinton's timeline? She was in Washington, if I am not mistaken. Where was she and what was she doing through the night of September 11? That point seems might quiet too.

And what about the people who survived the attack? According to some reports, there were some 20 of them. Should we not hear their accounts?

I also want to see Africom Commanding General Carter Ham brought in to testify before Congress as to the circumstances of his being relieved of duty on the spot in the Pentagon as he was reportedly defying orders not to send forces into Benghazi. I believe that will turn out to be Mr Panetta himself.  He is the one who has publicly stated that it would not have been wise to send forces into a situation when they didn't know what was happening. (I am paraphrasing.) Was that his decision-or Dempsey's? I doubt it. There is only one person who could have told them not to send in forces to Benghazi. That would be the President.

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