Thursday, November 29, 2012

Campus Bullying on University of California Campuses

I am linking an article by the Church of England Newspaper website, which contains an interview by writer Peter Menkin with former Department of Education-Office of Civil Rights director Ken Marcus. The topic is the on-going problem of anti-Jewish bullying on American university campuses-specificaslly on the University of California campuses.

I was interviewed over the phone by Mr Menkin for his research on this issue and have attended a couple of conferences with Mr Marcus.

I want to comment on that section involving the Rose Project as gloriously illustrated by Lisa Armony.

It is drivel.

I don't know what it is that the Rose Project says it has done on the UCI campus to reduce anti-Semitism aside, of course, from providing funding for the Olive Tree Initiative so Jewish students can go to the Holy Land and come back (in some cases) converted to the Palestinian cause including becoming members of Students for Justice in Palestine. The Rose Project is nothing more than a financial arm of the useless Orange County Jewish Federation, an organization that has long denied the problems on the UCI campus and has tried to oppose Jewish figures who choose to get involved and speak out about what happens at UCI during Israel Apartheid Week every May. When Ms. Armony was a reporter for the LA Jewish Journal and covering one of those May events, I had a conversation with her on that topic. I am sure she remembers. I even told her she could quote me.

But she never did. Too hot, I guess.

As for the recommendations on the UC Advisory Comittee on Climate, Culture and Inclusion reference in the article, it is my understanding that President Yudof has not yet decided whether to accept them. The word I get is a decsion will be made in December.

Finally, at the end of the article, I am described as the spokesman for the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism. That is an error. I am not the spokesman, nor is it "my group". I work with the OCITF and do so quite proudly. I added a comment to the article correcting the error.

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