Friday, September 28, 2012

More Bad News Out of Benghazi

Fox News is reporting that one of their intelligence sources in Libya has told them that there was never a threat assessment done on the consular compound in Benghazi before Ambassador Chris Stevens went there.

Let's concede off the bat that this is an anonymous source apparently in the intelligence community in Libya.
Based on that, we shouldn't convict anybody. However, this should be easy to clear up. A threat assessment is not someone in Washington thinking about the possible threats. It is a formal procedure conducted on the ground at the location in question. It involves formal reports. It can be assumed that if a threat assessment was conducted, State Department has a record of it in its files. It is now for the appropriate Congressional committee to subpoena those documents as well as the appropriate officials to testify under oath.

Just like the Oversight Committee subpoenaed 80,000 documents from DOJ in the Fast and Furious scandal.

This issue begs for an investigation. If the allegation is true, Hillary Clinton has no business being Secretary of State. But what else is new?

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

What else is new is that in a later post Gary praised Hillary Clinton for the job she is doing as Secretary of State.

As for no threat assessment... the ambassador was the kind of guy who would do without one, because he wanted to walk the street and talk with the people and not be intimidated. The people, as already noted, responded in kind to the militia who killed him.