Sunday, August 26, 2012

Obama is Getting Desperate: Now He Wants 5 Dollars

President Obama just sent me another e-mail. Things are getting urgent. As Josef Goebbels said in 1945, "It's 5 minutes to midnight." Now it's 5 dollars for Obama.

"Friend --

When I'm out there talking to voters, we talk about what we've done, what we plan to do over the next four years, and why the other guys have dangerous plans to go back to the policies that failed America for almost a decade. 

But there is another question that keeps coming up, and you need to know about it: "Why do I see so many more ads for the other guys?" 

You don't need me to tell you that the Romney campaign is outraising us -- that billionaire ideologues and corporate interests are piling on tens of millions more in negative ads trashing us, and that all of it means that undecided voters in battleground states like Iowa could be seeing false, misleading, negative attacks at a rate almost twice as often as they hear from us. 

                                                                    (Undecided voter)

Last week, when I was in Iowa, voters told me they were feeling it. The numbers back it up: Our side is getting outspent 2-to-1 on the air there. 

But the folks asking me about this don't want an explanation -- they want to know what I'm going to do about it. 

And the fact is that solving this problem is up to you. 

Close the gap on the air by making a donation of $5 or more now. 

You're getting this email because you know what the stakes are in this election. You know the facts about what we've done to prevent a deeper crisis and to start building an economy that works for the middle class. 

But for someone who's not as engaged, these ads may be an important and possibly even primary source of information about the choice in this election. 

So it's a bad situation if 90 percent of them are false, negative attacks on us. 

We're losing this air war right now. 

I don't have as much time to campaign this time as I did in 2008, so this whole thing is riding on you making it happen. 

Donate now to close the gap on the air: 

Thank you, 



Does Dick Morris know this? This has to be a major turning point in the campaign-a shift, if you will. Instead of asking for three bucks-now he wants 5-and no prize-no lottery.

"If you go to Dick, I have some inside scoop from Fousesquawk. This can mean only one thing-a landslide for Romney." 

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Don't feel bad Gary. My new job is going well. I'm going to send $150 or $200 next month. That will more than make up for you not responding. Its the last two months, but that's when they'll need the money, considering all the donors they've tapped out earlier in the race. Hopefully it will help support the volunteer staff on the street, not some TV spot. All the money spent on TV this year, by both parties, is being wasted.