Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Obama "Hit List": So What?

I'm not so sure I can get all worked up about this New York Times report that President Obama personally signs off on who gets targeted in these drone attacks during those staff meetings.

It is true, I suppose, that killing the bad guys with these drones is cutting down on the number of prisoners we can capture and waterboard, er, interrogate. That leads to less intelligence. Maybe, we are just getting war-weary and questioning whether we are still killing off the enemy or just nation-building in places like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan. As for the latter, I am ready to tell that country to go pound sand, cut off all aid, and make a public display of building a strategic partnership with India as Charles Krauthammer suggests.

But back tio Obama. While, we may not want to see too much control coming out of the White House on combat decisions, a'la LBJ and Viet Nam, there are legitimate geo-political concerns when it comes to sending drones into Pakistan. (It doesn't take Henry Kissinger to figure that out.)

So, for  now, I'm OK with it. You may proceed, Mr President.....with certain reservations, of course......

"Eric, who do you think we should target next?"

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Good analysis Gary.

As long as these strikes are happening, it is appropriate that the nation's highest elected civilian official, who also is constitutionally designated as commander in chief of our military, should personally review and sign off on these decisions.

If some believe they should not be happening at all, that's a different argument.