Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update on Wake Forest Radical Imam

Hat tip to Gates of Vienna

In January, I cross-posted an article by terrorism expert Claire Lopez on the hiring of Khalid Griggs to be an asst. chaplain at Wake Forest University in spite of Griggs' connections to the Muslim Brotherhood and other radial figures in the US.

Gates of Vienna has posted an update on the continuing efforts of one concerned Wake Forest alumnus to voice his concerns with Wake Forest officials-and the brush off he is receiving.

The issue is not that Wake Forest has hired a Muslim to be an asst. chaplain. The problem is that he has hired one with all kinds of red flags in his past and his associations.

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Miggie said...

Woodsmall laid it out, chapter and verse, in his comprehensive letter. If Wake Forrest ignores it, it willfully avoids the documentation that demonstrates how misguided they are and how they abused their fiduciary duties.

Ideology has trumped everything else there . Shame on Wake Forrest and all other schools that ignore these facts.