Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ilmar Reepalu The Disgusting Mayor of Malmo

Ilmar Reepalu fiddling while Malmo burns

Malmo, Sweden is back in the news again, for the usual bad reasons. Mayor Ilmar Reepalu, who has presided over a city where Jews are regularly attacked and harassed by Muslim immigrants, is again blaming the Jews for their own predicament. (Hat tip to Norway, Israel and the Jews.)

As previously reported here, Jews have been leaving Malmo for a few years now. Reepalu regularly condemns them for not being more critical of Israel. He has basically taken the position that they are welcome to leave. Maybe someone should tip off Reepalu that Jews are not rioting and setting fires in Malmo.

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Findalis said...

When the last Jew has left Sweden the Muslims will then turn their violence on their non-Muslim (Christian) neighbors.

A fitting fate for a basterdly nation.