Sunday, February 26, 2012

When Do We Start Taking Our Enemies at Their Word?

Hat tip to Daily Caller

Daily Caller is featuring two articles that put all this Koran-burning in Afghanistan in clearer focus. The first describes how Iran's top ayatollahs are talking about bringing on that 12th imam.

And some of you are worried about Rick Santorum's religiosity?

At the last debate in Arizona, Ron Paul went on another one of his peace tangents by asking why, if we could talk to the Soviet Union in the face of their nuclear weapons, could we not talk down Iran?

Simple answer: The Soviets, with all their flaws, were rational people. They knew that a nuclear war would wipe them out as well as the US. The madmen who run Iran don't care. It's part of their master scheme. If more people had read Mein Kampf, perhaps Hitler would have been stopped around the time he re-occupied the Rhineland. Instead, we had to fight a world war that cost almost 60 million lives.

That brings me to the second article, which regards Charles Krauthammer's take on the Koran-burning apologies as riots and killings continue in Afghanistan.

Krauthammer was right. A local apology could have been sufficient for what was a mistake-even though those same Korans were being used to scrawl secret messages between prisoners. For the president to prostrate himself and send an emissary to apologize to a local mosque was excessive. Putting aside the killings that have resulted in Afghanistan, one should keep in mind that in that same country, as well as places like Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Nigeria, etc, they don't accidentally burn Bibles. They burn churches and kill people of other religions-and not by accident. How many apologies are we aware of to the Christian world?
I am aware of none.

Similarly, I am unaware of apologies to the Baha'i faith when their followers in Iran and Egypt are persecuted. The Jews? Hell, they were driven out of these countries back in 1948. What happened to their synagogues? What happened to the synagogues when the last Jews left Gaza? Apologies?

I have said before and will say again; I don't agree with burning Korans. But when some knucklehead does it by design or it is done accidentally, it does not justify going on a rampage and committing murder.

Last Sunday at the Islamic Center of Orange County, I heard a lot of talk about a so-called wave of hate against American Muslims. Not one word was uttered-not one- about the wave of hate that sweeps throughout the Middle East and other nearby regions-a wave of hate that is killing people by the thousands.  Here in America, we have set the example, with rare exceptions, when it comes to religious tolerance. We have precious little to apologize for. We have laws that punish perpetrators of violence.

I agree with Ron Paul in one respect. I am sick of having our troops laying down their lives to bring civilization to these parts of the world. Killing our enemies is fine, but dying for countries like Afghanistan is absurd. Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, the coming clash with Iran is coming-in our own self-defense.


Squid said...

In Iran, it comes down to the Mahdi. It is the Mahdi factor that we face and not nukes for the Iranian energy program. The Ayatollahs are into resurrecting the Twelfth Caliph (the Mahdi) so the rest of the world will be destroyed. First, Israel must be destroyed as part of bringing back the Mahdi and when this Caliph comes, from a well, the destruction of the rest of the non-Muslim worlds will come. Israel understands this madness, as the rest of the western world looks on with ignorance. These Islamists are fanatical about their belief and will murder in a moment when they perceive any imagined disrespect. Also, Krauthhammer is right, one apology would have done fine. I do not recall any apologies for Islamic atrocities. Recall the capture of the church in Bethlehem by Islamists. They used pages from the Bibles as toilet paper. Where is the apology? We know the answer to this question.


Osama bin Fishfood said...

Halakah (Jewish Law) comes to France and extinguishes free speech:,7340,L-4195173,00.html

Safe to say an incident like this would never make it on this blog.

Quit drinking the Jewish Kool-Aid Fouse.

Gary Fouse said...

Fish food,

If you were a man, you would put your name behind your anti-Semitic comments. I sign my name to everything I write.

Osama bin Fishfood said...

Stop engaging in ad-hominem attacks Gary Fouse and address the issue I presented in my post.

You know in your heart it is the Jewish way to label people that they disagree with as bigots and shut down any and all speech that is critical of Israel.

If we don't take a stand now, the Jews will be forcing American universities to cancel events soon.

Gary Fouse said...


Ad hominem attacks? It's true. You don't have the courage to put your name behind your hateful words. And look at which post you choose to object. Are you a supporter of the barbaric regime in Iran?

Want to see an example of who shuts down opposing speech- see Nonie Darwish at UNM which I posted last night. On the other hand, anti-Israel speakers on college campuses are a dime a dozen.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, I expect the President of the United States to have higher standards than the ayatollah's in Iran. Don't you? This is one of the many reasons I could not vote for Santorum. He doesn't measure up.

This is NOT a "Christian nation," is it Findalis? Miggie? (I think Gary said Squid is in some sense Jewish also?)

"it is the Jewish way to label people that they disagree with as bigots"

Hmmm... that's what the heads of Jewish organizations used to say about the heads of black organizations. (NB: That is different from "what Jews used to say about blacks"). It is also what conservative Christians say about the heads of Muslim organizations.

Funny, it seems any demographic you pick, SOMEONE is talking like that about someone else.

Anonymous said...

"When Do We Start Taking Our Enemies at Their Word?"

Good question, considering that both the religious and political leaders of Iran have stated repeatedly that they are not developing nuclear weapons and have no interest in doing so.

Gary Fouse said...


Must be that statement about wiping Israel off the face of the map, and those comments this past week about the coming of that 12th Mahdi and the moment of truth against the west. If those nuclear facilities are just for energy, why are they burying thm deep into the ground or sides of mountains?

Anonymous said...

So do we take our enemies at their word or not? It's a pretty simple proposition you've presented, isn't it?

You're sending very mixed messages here.

Gary Fouse said...

So the answer is yes. I take them at their word when they talk about killing us.