Friday, February 24, 2012

Assimilation Problems in Switzerland

"Remove that cross!"

Hat tip to Right Side News

Soeren Kern has written a good summary of the problems Switzerland is facing with immigrants who refuse to assimilate.

I have said it so many times I am blue in the face. Immigration is fine as long as one intends to assimilate. If you are not willing to assimilate and embrace the traditions and values of the adopted country, you should not immigrate in the first place.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Most people, including the ancestors of most Americans, emigrate seeking economic opportunity. After that, assimilation becomes an issue. But every immigrant brings something with them that changes, however subtlely, the country to which they move. Sometimes it is called a melting pot. Something it is called failure to assimilate.

It has also been said that a melting pot is where the scum floats to the top and those at the bottom get burnt.

But what really pulled all the ethnic ghettoes of the American cities together was the experience of all those young men being thrown together in the military in World War II. America was never the same fragmented unassimilated country again.