Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Letter to UC Irvine Newspaper Flops


Several days ago, I posted an article about a letter I wrote to the UC Irvine campus paper, New University advocating the placement of a statue of Raoul Wallenberg on campus.

Well, I am here to bring you an update. They didn't publish the letter.

That's OK. That is their editorial decision. I am not complaining. Maybe next time, I will suggest they build a statue to Yasser Arafat. That should fly.

Besides, nobody at UCI ever answers my letters. What else is new?

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Miggie said...

I get the same response from the LA Times and the OC Register.

There is a little bird that sits on the editors' shoulders and when they see letters like ours, the bird whispers in their ear, "This isn't helpful." So our letters, that we take some time and effort to compose, go right unto the round file. I don't try that often any more.