Sunday, January 29, 2012

Convictions in Canadian Honor-Killing Case

A Canadian court has convicted three members of an Afghan immigrant family for first-degree murder, a case in which four female members of the family were murdered. The below report from CNN tells the story.

This case has aroused wide publicity in Canada. It is a classic case of honor-killing. The husband was infuriated at his three daughters, who were rebellious and embracing a freer Western life style. Mr Shafia's first wife was also killed because it was believed she was facilitating the daughters' rebellious behavior.

The verdict sends an important message to the rest of the country. That is that certain traditions, customs and beliefs are not acceptable in a free country that demands equality for all.

It is also a reason why shariah law must not be allowed to gain any kind of foothold in Western countries. The US and Europe have also experienced "honor-killings". It is one aspect of shariah that has no place in Western society. The point is this: Murder is murder and will be treated as such. There can be no allowances made for any religious beliefs that immigrants may bring with them from their countries of origin. In many of their previous countries, great consideration is given to the idea of honor-killing. This results in lenient sentences for the offenders. That cannot happen here.

If we allow shariah law to gain a foothold in our country, it will only grow. It is unacceptable for us to leave Muslim immigrants to the mercy of shariah within their own families or communities when it is in direct violation of our own laws and constitution. In Great Britain, local shariah courts have been allowed to operate in civil property matters. At the same time, there are loud demands from people like Anjem Choudary and his radical groups that shariah become the law of the land. In Choudary's own words, that means honor-killings, stonings, death to homosexuals, and apostates from Islam. Great Britain has allowed the camel to get his nose under the proverbial tent.

I absolutely do not mean to imply that all or even most Muslim immigrants want to practice these things in America. Many came here to escape that type of oppresion. I am of the opinion that most Muslims realize that these things are not part of American culture, are contrary to American law, and are conducting their lives accordingly. Yet, honor-killings have, indeed, occurred in the US- in Buffalo, St Louis, Phoenix, and other places. They are isolated incidents,and the victims themselves are Muslims, but the justice must be sure. Everyone in this country is guaranteed certain rights to life. That includes rebellious wives and daughters, gays, and people deciding to change religions or just abandon a religion. We cannot turn a blind eye to these practices and allow people to be victimized in the name of multi-culturalism.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

A straightforward criminal case has a straightforward just outcome, and after duly reporting this, Gary runs off on another paranoid screed about some nebulous religious law that is not and constitutionally cannot have the force of law in this country, and how we must be very vigiliant to make sure that what isn't happening, won't happen, and can't happen, really really doesn't happen.

Kosher, shariah, Roman Catholic canon, whatever, they have equal standing in the USA.

Miggie said...

A couple of things jumped out to me in the story. One was
"At least one Shafia family supporter interrupted Laarhuis with shouts of "lies" and called the verdict a "miscarriage of justice."
That's the familiar paranoia and victimization ploy. Despite all the evidence they still feel oppressed by this society, apparently because we don't accept their culture.

Another sad fact is that one of the murdered girls had contacted Social Services in vain.

This Sharia Law is a set of dark ages tribal laws and customs that worked for them in the dessert but has no place in civilized societies.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

That's "desert" Miggie. I have no idea what impact Shariah would have on dessert.