Friday, November 25, 2011

Latest Propaganda From Muslim Brotherhood

Ikhwan Web, the English-language website of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is continuing to churn out propaganda about the Coptic Christians even as persecution against the Copts continues.

"Omaima Kamil, the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Democratic Alliance candidate in Cairo’s fourth constituency, stressed that the fears promoted by some of Muslim Brotherhood (MB) persecution of Copts after winning the upcoming parliamentary elections are invalid and unfounded, adding that the FJP viewed the Copts as partners in the one homeland, who "share the same rights, and the same duties" and that there are no MB hostile attitudes against them.

She said, in an interview with the U.S. newspaper ‘The Washington Post’, that the party has at the very top Dr. Rafiq Habib, the renowned Christian figure, as Deputy Chairman of the Party for Foreign Affairs, and that it has nominated many Copts on the Democratic Alliance’s electoral list of candidates.

Dr. Omaima pointed out the feelings of love and affection towards the Copts that have been shown and experienced since the inception of the MB, more than eighty years ago, adding that the founder of the MB, Imam Hassan Al Banna, had Copts as political advisers, and his deputy in the Mount Sinai constituency, during his candidacy for the House of Representatives for Ismailia, was a Christian. She emphasised that this relationship of trust and affection has been strong and steady all the time.

Dr. Omaima explained that no problem has ever marred the relationship between the Brotherhood and the Copts throughout these years, and that current MB policy is not a recently invented one, but is indeed the true Islamic approach in dealing with the People of the Book in Islamic societies. She also stressed that the Brotherhood has no problem with the Copts, and has nothing against the building of churches, but there must be a law regulating the latter."

This is the same kind of disinformation I got personally from MB spokesman Ibrahim el Houdaiby when he came to speak at UC-Irvine in 2008. He specifically referred me to the "peaceful" writings and words of al Banna and Yusuf al Qaradawi, the Brotherhood's chief spiritual mentor. Both individuals can be quoted saying warm and fuzzy things about non-believers. They can also be quoted saying very troublesome things about non-believers.

Below is one of the articles I wrote on Houdaiby. It contains a long comment thread between him and me that discusses al Banna (and Qaradawi).

Here is more from American Thinker.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yes, every religion claiming unique possession of the way, the truth, and the life, or to be God's Chosen People, has a certain ambivalence, at best, about showing respect for adherents of other faiths. We haven't done too badly with that in America. Maybe in Egypt the same motivations will be at work. The Muslim Brotherhood can't win elections with the most troubling parts of its some time platform, and it can't govern without the support of other parties. So, willy nilly, it will do what it can, and settle for what it can get, which is how democracy works.