Friday, November 25, 2011

Irvine "Cracks Down"-Gives Occupiers Two More Weeks


(OC Register)

It seems our rotating Irvine City Council has decided to "draw the line in the sand" on those Occupiers who are camped out on the lawn in front of City Hall (Yes, we do have a city hall). They can stay two more weeks. After that, it's the boys with the pepper spray.

"And not one minute more."

Here's the story from the OC Register.

The Irvine City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to allow Occupy OC to remain camped at City Hall for two more weeks, until Dec. 7.

Irvine gives Occupy O.C. two more weeks


IRVINE Demonstrators with Occupy Orange County will be allowed to remain camped on the Irvine City Hall lawn after the City Council renewed its agreement with the group Tuesday night.

The understanding, set to expire Wednesday at noon, was extended for an additional two weeks until Dec. 7 by a unanimous vote.

Protesters first assembled on the lawn on Oct. 14. The City Council approved a request to camp on the lawn at its Oct. 25 meeting when a last-minute item was added to the agenda.

The council held a public hearing Tuesday to allow community members for and against the encampment to voice their opinions.

Dozens of supporters of Occupy O.C. spoke to the council, thanking them for their support and requesting an extension on the camping agreement. Some protesters also asked the council to stop watering the grass, which has died and becomes muddy after the city tends to it twice a week.

A group of local residents spoke against the demonstration, citing continued noise from cars honking at the encampment. Some said many of the protesters do not live in Irvine, but residents of the city are the ones suffering.

"I cannot believe the City Council is allowing them to destroy the city. Non-Irvine residents have more rights than the residents of Irvine," said Dori Dumon, a resident.

Fousesquawk comment: Believe it.

Neighbors of the protest cited trouble sleeping at night as well as the aesthetically unappealing display of tents, propped up signs, and dead grass.

"Honking horns, dead grass. I tell ya life's getting unbearable around here."

Protesters maintained they are discouraging the honking at passerbys and that they are meeting the requirements set out in the agreement with the city.

"Many more suffer because of our lack of action in the past than from what we're doing now," said Joey Cadavid, a protester.

Greg Diamond, an attorney and protester who has been the primary negotiator on the agreements with the city, encouraged opponents not to blame the City Council for their presence because they did not ask the protesters to gather there.

"I have admiration for people who come out to oppose us," he said. "What we're doing is also brave. We want to work with you."

Diamond said the honking has been reduced, and that it would be wrong to remove the protesters because drivers who want them gone honk as loud and as long as they can.

Fousesquawk comment: Meanwhile, councilwoman Beth Krom demonstrated why she lost in a landslide when she tried to run for Congress with this statement:

Councilwoman Beth Krom said demonstrators are respectful and have lived up to what they said they would do: educate and encourage conversation.

"It's hard when you watch the news and see what is happening around the country," she said. "We really have a very respectful group of people. It's not a perfect occupation, occupations usually have sides that are unpleasant."

Fousesquawk solution: Why don't they let the Occupiers occupy the Great Park? Just think of all that empty land out there going to waste.



Anonymous said...

I don't know if I agree or disagree with them*, but I am glad they got a permit.

Since they got a permit, they should be able to camp out until the permit ends.

Once the permit ends, they got to leave.

*I did watch a number of youtube videos on the Occupy group in Irvine. A couple people had some arguments that could be debated by reasonable people. Others were looking for boogiemen in things they don't understand - the Fed being the biggest.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

"Non-Irvine residents have more rights than the residents of Irvine."

Let's see, first we have Americans vs. furriners, then in-state vs. out-of-state, now we are going to parcel rights according to residence within the municipality. Perhaps the speaker would like to secede from the U.S. and require anyone entering Irvine to obtain a visa?

It's too bad y'all don't have snow. Up north and inland from the west coast, these encampments are going to be depopulating due to natural causes in the next month or so.