Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Another Fine Day in Iran

Image: Iranian protesters gather outside the British Embassy in Tehran
(Photo by MSNBC-No sign of Ed Schultz in that crowd.)

Meanwhile in Iran, protesters have stormed the British embassy in Teheran doing what they do best in Iran.  Something about British sanctions according to initial reports. If you are wondering if the cops or soldiers are gunning down the rioters, think again. They are standing by. If it's about sanctions, that pretty much tells you the government organized this operation.

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Findalis said...

This "action" is allowed with the blessings of the Iranian government. As was the action in 1979.

The Iranians got away with their attack on the US Embassy in 1979 due to the fact that the US was led by a weak, ineffective President: Dhimmi the Carter. A stronger man would have declared what Iran did an "Act of War" and proceeded under that assumption.

Great Britain will do nothing. It will protest, but be an ineffective paper tiger. They need a Churchill, but have a Chamberlain.