Sunday, October 30, 2011

How to Make a Key White House Witness in Fast and Furious Unavailable-Post Him to Iraq and Cut Off His Phone

Hat tip to PJ Media

One of the key witnesses in Fast and Furious is a guy named Kevin O'Reilly, who is, was a National Security advisor in the White House. It seems that O'Reilly was in contact with ATF office head William Newell of the Phoenix office during the time of Fast and Furious and was getting updates from Mr Newell, a highly unusual chain of command, I might add. (They are supposedly old pals.) At any rate, Congressman Darrell Issa wants to bring O'Reilly in to testify under oath. He has been advised that O'Reilly is unavailable. He's been assigned to Iraq!

PJ Media has more.

Well, when I read this, I figured there must be some mistake. So I sent off a quick note to my pals in Attack Watch about this smear report from PJ Media and asked for the straight skinny-as they promise. Here is what I sent:

"Dear Sirs,

The below link from PJ Media says the White House has posted Kevin O'Reilly to Iraq to keep him away from testifying in Darrell Issa's committee on Fast and Furious and that his phone number has been cut off. Is this true? I hope you will set me straight on this.


Gary Fouse"

I'll let you know as soon as Attack Watch gets back to me with the real truth.

Note to Mr Issa. Issue a subpoena. They have to bring him back.

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Squid said...

Obama, Holder, Napolitano, Clinton: Guilty as charged!