Friday, October 28, 2011

Fast and Furious: Is This the Motive?

Hat tip to PJ Media

A few months ago, following a DEA funeral, I was having lunch with a group of DEA retirees with whom I had worked. The topic of Fast and Furious came up. During the conversation, one of my colleagues mentioned that there was a "conspiracy theory" going around that the motive for this operation was the desire of the administration to cut back on the 2nd Amendment and gun ownership rights. Yet, there is reason to believe that this may be more than just a wild conspiracy theory. PJ Media has another in a series of reports on this scandal.

Interesting theory, is it not? (Conspiracy theory, I mean.)


Squid said...

Quickly reading the title of this blog produced this understanding:
Fast and Furious: IS THIS A MOVIE?
After the reading PJ Media story, it reminded my of a Tom Clancy book and movie called "Clear and Present Danger". Clancy portrays the POTUS as a person who will do anything to destroy the drug cartels, including unconstitutional acts and murder of U.S. Armed Forces personnel. So, I cannot wait for the movie, Fast and Furious: The gun-walker story.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Your colleague sounds like a sensible man (or woman, as the case may be). If there is any conspiracy at all, it is the collusion of gun dealers who have been supplying the cartels, and a handful of biddable congressmen, to derail any investigation into the illegal trade. In this scenario, sincere defenders of the 2nd Amendment play the role of "useful idiots." Where did I hear that term before?

Disclosures: I firmly support the Second Amendment, but I believe it leaves room for crowded urban centers to require people to leave their guns at home unless they have a permit and training on using it in crowded civilian situations, and, the government can deny possession to people with major diagnoses cognitive impairments, or felony convictions. Also, the government can prohibit sale and trafficking to known criminal organizations. Is that OK with everyone here?

Gary Fouse said...

"Also, the government can prohibit sale and trafficking to known criminal organizations."

Looks like the govt needs to ban itself.