Thursday, September 29, 2011

Obama's Campaign Living on Coffee and Pizza-Need $3.00

As my readers know, I recently sent two information requests to President Obama's Attack Watch website in regards to Solyndra and Fast and Furious. Did I ever get a response?

However, I have since been receiving e-mails from Obama's re-election campaign asking for donations. Not much-just $3.00, if you can believe it. Check this out:

"Friend --

I'm the national finance director here at OFA.

I know we've been sending you a lot of email lately. That's because we're staring down a critical fundraising deadline tomorrow at midnight.

You know what that means for your inbox, but let me give you a sense of what that looks like around here.

The staff and I are working around the clock, powered by too much coffee. It's been way too long since we called our moms. And we've all had more pizza and bad takeout in the past few weeks than anyone should have in a year.

No one's complaining; that's what we signed up for. And we're not doing this just because it's our job to make sure the campaign has the resources it needs. We're doing this because it's part of what defines this movement.

From the beginning, we've refused to take money from D.C. lobbyists and corporate special interests. Our operation is fueled by people inspiring each other to take ownership of this campaign.

(How about Solyndra?)

That's why we've been emailing this week, and that's why I'm obligated to remind you once more that the deadline is coming up in a matter of hours.

If you're able to, will you chip in just $3 today?

(Link deleted)

For all of us here at HQ, and all of the staff and volunteers across the country counting on these resources, I really appreciate your help.


Rufus Gifford

National Finance Director

Obama for America

Maybe we can send over a few 3-dollar hamburgers.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

What do you expect? You write to a campaign web site, they respond like a campaign web site. I once got an email asking me to call a pizza place in Madison and donate a pizza for the folks in the Walkerville encampment around the capitol. Of course I'm on all kinds of mailing lists of that nature. I help out when I can. Why don't you? Oh, right, you're working the other side of the street.

Gary Fouse said...

What they promise the reader is the TRUTH about the attack. I have sent them the charges on PJ Media, and all I get is emails asking me to give money?

Gimme a break.

Miggie said...

I really wonder when they write
"From the beginning, we've refused to take money from D.C. lobbyists and corporate special interests. " whether they know they are lying and think they can get away with it or whether they really believe it themselves.

How do they think ObamaCare got through congress if not with help from lobbyists and payoffs to congressmen? These stimulus bills are nothing but pork barrel kickbacks in exchange for campaign contributions and votes.

That's another nexus between the lefties and the Religion of Peace ... lying without concern about the likelihood of being discovered. All that matters is the slight chance that someone will believe you until the lie is exposed.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Maybe they didn't find any truth in what you reported. I haven't.