Friday, September 30, 2011

Janeane Garofalo's Latest Quote

"Hold me in your arms, Janeane."

Now I know why they call Janeane Garofalo a comedienne. Listen to her latest boffo comment about Republican Tea Party favorite Herman Cain:

This gal is funnier than Leno, Letterman and Jackie Gleason all rolled up into one. And whose show was it that brought her in to make this pronouncement? Here's a hint:

That's right. Keith Olbermann, whom we haven't heard from since he got booted off MSNBC and took his "Meltdown" show to Al Gore's Global Warming network.

And what else did Olbermann and Garofalo chat about in front of dozens of viewers nationwide? They probably  argued about which one of them is Napoleon.


Findalis said...

She doesn't belong on a news program. Looking at her she needs to be in a sideshow. For the Tattoo Lady has spoken!

Miggie said...

Another way for Lefties handling cognitive dissonance. If Conservatives like a man because of his policies even though he is black then it must be a plot.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

One would-be comedian just can't get another comedian's brand of humor. It's human nature.