Friday, September 30, 2011

The Dopey Wall Street Protest and a Professor's Lament

Could this be John Halle's music class at Bard College?

Tonight on Hannity, I watched a report from the Wall Street protest going on in New York. As usual, it was the same old collection of odd balls, misfits and losers. Below is a report I am cross-posting from my friend and colleague David Stein of Counter Contempt. It concerns -what else- a university professor who praises the protests, but longs for the good old days when protests were more violent. The professor in question is a music professor from Bard College (previously at Yale). His name is John Halle.

This is what is teaching our children, folks.


Bartender Cabbie said...

I checked out this Bard College and found they do not have a football team. They do sport a Lacrosse team of course. That is about all I need to know. I have the place pegged. I am sure this Prof fits right in.

Gary Fouse said...


But they do have one of my books in their library. (They are not totally screwed up.)