Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Angriffwache (Attack Watch)

Dr Josef Goebbels- Information Czar shown here at home with his lovely daughter, Helga

The following is an announcement from Dr Josef Goebbels:

Liebe Deutsche Volksgenossen und Volksgenossinnin (Dear fellow Germans),

I am happy tonight to announce the establishment of the Fuehrer's new website (Angriffwache- Attack Watch). With this important new website, you can report directly to the Reich government any attacks against our Fuehrer. There is even a drop-down box where you can indicate from which source the attacks came from and identify the attacker.

As you know, there have been a series of unfounded attacks against our Fuehrer lately. For example, certain rumor-mongers have claimed that the Fuehrer is anti-Semitic and wants to start a world war. There have been false reports of arrests of opposition figures and "concentration camps"- all blatant lies.

When you send in the information to the Reich Chancellery, we will send you back the truthful information. For example, the Fuehrer loves Jews and is a man of peace.

So with that next election coming up, do your part to prevent the smears before they start. Report any attack against our beloved Fuehrer and do your duty as a German citizen.

Thank you.

Dr Josef Gobbels

* Here is the official website:

"Good news, mein Fuehrer. We're getting lots of reports on our new Attack Watch website."


Miggie said...

There is a new bestselling non-fiction book, "In The Garden of Beasts" that covers the early period of the Nazi regime. In one part, describing this reporting and secret denunciations to the government, the people became eager to step in and use the Nazi sensitivities to satisfy their personal needs and salve jealousies. One study of Nazi records showed some 37% arose not from heartfelt political belief but from private conflicts, with the trigger often breathtakingly trivial.

Hitler himself acknowledged to his minister of justice, "we are living at present in a sea of denunciations and human meaness. "

Isn't there anyone in this administration who knows history and what leads to what?

Gary Fouse said...


Yes. I have it right here on my bookshelf. The true story of Amb Dodd, who was assigned to berlin in the 30s. The birds at State didn't want to listen to him.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Good news mein Feuhrer: Fousesquawk is keeping up a steady sniper fire at the Obama administration!