Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Let's Play, "Name That Chair!"

Which country has been named to chair the UN Disarmament Conference in Geneva?

a US
b France
c North Korea

d Japan
e Russia

If you guessed "c" (North Korea), you are a winner!

This is the same UN whose secretary general, Ban Ki Moon, just sent a congratulatory note to the Iranian government for hosting last week's "Counter Terror" summit!

Can't make this stuff up, folks.


Squid said...

Oh! Do not forget that the POTUS just took North Korea off the official ICE list of potential terrorist countries, replacing it with Israel. Feeling real safe about our security measures? Wasn't North Korea playing with nukes while thumbing their noses at the UN? Wasn't there sanctions against North Korea and their nuke plans? Wasn't there shipments of nuke material and technology to Syria? Does North Korea routinely oppress their people?
OK, how can I question the judgement of the POTUS.


Findalis said...

The inmates are running the asylum!