Monday, June 27, 2011

A Comparison Between Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

Hat tip to Doc's Talk

The below article (in Doc's Talk) by Phyllis Chesler and Nathan Bloom examines how American universities are all so willing to study Islamophobia, but downplay anti-Semitism. Which is the biggest problem in North America? Or in Europe? Or anywhere else in the world? This article provides answers-with the numbers to back them up.

Is there Islamophobia in the US (depending how you define it)? In my view there is. Given world events, it is unavoidable. Yet, the article makes a crucial point. What is the true level of Muslim victimization in the US? It is low, not rising, and to include the prosecution of the so-called Irvine Eleven is absurd. The fact is that the American people, with few exceptions, have not translated their anger, suspicion, fear, or whatever you want to call it into carrying out acts of hate against Muslims-which would be wrong in the first place. The American people get that.

Which leads me to conclude that this new outfit up there at UC Berkeley founded by Hatem Bazian is a joke. I would suggest that someone up there establish a department to study how non-Muslims are treated in Muslim countries. Now that would be an education. I don't think that is a project that Mr Bazian wants to delve into.


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Defending eleven people who were arrested for disorderly conduct infringing another person's freedom of speech, and calling the prosecution "Islamophobia," is onthe same more and legal level as the man outside a courtroom in Brooklyn who shouted that John Gotti had "a constitutional right to be not guilty."

I do think that the cries of "anti-Semitism" are ALSO a bit exaggerated, in the same manner, for the same political reasons, from the other end of the same telescope.

cornholio said...

Islamaphobia is called commonsense by the Christians, Jews, Bahais, Hindus and Sikhs subject to state-sanctioned persecution by Muslo-nazis all over the world in each and every one of the Muslo-nazi states which infest the globe.