Monday, April 18, 2011

How Western Activists Get Treated in "Palestine"

In the wake of the kidnap and murder of Italian activist, Vittorio Arrigoni at the hands of Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, Prof Steve Plaut of Haifa University (he previously taught at UC-Irvine) has written an interesting account of how many Western activists who go to the Middle East to support the Palestinian cause get treated by their hosts-the very people they go to help.

Hopefully, young, misguided Westerners who are thinking of going over to that region, will think twice. As for our friends at the Olive Tree Initiative at UC-Irvine and other UC campuses, this is just one more thing to consider before sending kids over there to "dialogue" with the Palestinians.

I can see it all now on the New University campus paper at UC-Irvine.

"Olive Tree Initiative Student raped on West Bank"


Matan Lurey said...

This is disgusting Gary, you have definitely dropped your level of "objective" journalism this month in favor of a brutal campaign.

OTI meeting is Monday, 5PM, SBSG 1517. Come tell us that to some of our faces instead of hiding behind your blog. Bring your friends, lets have a debate, and talk about your concerns, maybe there is something we can do to assuage some of your fears that we will be raped and butchered everywhere we go.

This is an honest attempt, so I hope you take it as such.

Gary Fouse said...


Sorry, I have to go home and feed the dogs tonight. Frankly, I have become bored with your arguments in favor of the OTI. I tried to be open-minded about it, but that Duwaik thing was the final straw.

I have no concerns. I have no fears. To be honest, I have bigger fish to fry right now. If you want to go-go. If others, fully informed, want to pay for it-let them. When somebody gets hurt, don't come crying to me.

Gary Fouse said...

PS Matan,

I am not hiding behind my blog. I am right here on campus where I walk around quite freely. You might even catch me sometime "hiding" at the Anthill pub.

Ted said...

I am curious. Is this OTI meeting tonight? Tonight is the first night of Passover.

Anonymous said...

"Tonight is the first night of Passover."

Mr. Ted not everyone in America is Jewish. Infact the vast, vast, vast, vast majority of Americans are not Jewish.

The nation doesn't have to stop whenever there is a Jewish holiday.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gee, I was a bit encouraged to see Matan and Gary sharing a chuckle over Matan getting chewed out by Finkelstein over the "Don't call me Norm" incident. It's sad that Gary doesn't have the courtesy or respect to at least nod toward the common humanity brought forth at that time.

People who go flying from one country to another to "join the struggle" can indeed be naive. They share in common with Gary, Miggie, Findalis, and Squid, the notion that "the Palestinians" are a single people, all linked by a common heritage and attitude, all either pure nobility or pure evil.

No nation is any such thing. The American Revolution had its angels and its jerks, and not a few thugs, like all revolutions. Fortunately, we muddled through it in better shape than many have.

This incident starkly highlights the difference between jihad and Palestinian independence, which are indeed two very different causes, even if adherents of one recruit from adherents of the other.

It is true, women who travel to Palestine to "support the cause" might well be honored and respected by those they work with, but there could be a band right around the corner with rape on their mind, who are totally apolitical, or of a totally different stripe. The world is real, deal with it.

Gary Fouse said...


I think you missed the point, but as a Christian, I'll let you debate the point with Ted.

Squid said...

Let me get this straight, the OTI is a group that wants to bring interfaith understanding to Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Holyland. So, OTI has a meeting on the first night of Passover, which means, no Jews. Great interfaith understanding here, when one major group is missing.


Gary Fouse said...


Thank you for filling in the blanks. I seem to recall there was a similar complaint during one of the OTI trips, when trips were scheduled during Sabbath or something like that.

Ted said...

Mr. "Braintrust" Anonymous,

That the vast majority of the entire world is not Jewish should be patently obvious.

The point is that the Olive Tree Initative comprises Jewish students; And that should also be patently obvious. Therefore, holding a meeting on a Jewish holiday, such as Passover, or for that matter, ignoring the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanna or the Jewish Sabbath on OTI trips is at the very least, insensitive.

However, I will concede some "Jewish" students don't give a rip about all this.

It is becoming much more obvious that the OTI comprises individuals with "selective reality"

Siarlys Jenkins said...

OK, so what are you all going to say about the NEXT OTI meeting, when it does NOT fall on a high holy day? What a lot of smoke and mirrors. Where's the beef?

Bartender Cabbie said...

I guess about the only thing I have to say about this is that a good many of those involved in the fight for "Palestinian" statehood are nothing more than murderous cowards. Their "western" apologists are fools. Most of us don't understand them (jihadists) but are not stupid enough to think they are the "same" as the majority of us in the "Western" world. They are different. The thought process is different. Their attitudes on the sanctity of life is different, (and if I may be so bold to point out the obvious); they are inferior. I say this even though I have known some Mohammedans who I thought fine and decent folk. As the liberal pundit Bill Maher points out, they are a primative and inferior civilization. Not an exact quote from Maher but you get the drift. Wonder how he gets away with stating the obvious. IF a conservative said that they would be lambasted.

Sorry for the rant.

Anonymous said...

You were present at community meeting re OTI
It was noted that you did not ask a question or make a comment. That is because the Rabbi, who spoke gave a very open- and-shut case as to Jewish, history,context and why OTI is not a program worthy of Jewish funding.
It is no surprise however,that you do not understand the importance of holding meetings on first night of the Seder.
That is exactly the point the Rabbi gave for not participating in the program. 1) Does OTI pay overtime? 2) Do they cover insurance for death,kidnapping in light OTI/Hamas meeting ?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Cabbie, a lot of those involved in the fight for American Independence were nothing but murderous cowards. Fortunately, a lot of those involved in the fight for American Independence had better qualities as well.

There is no cause so pure and noble that it doesn't attract bullies and opportunists who see a chance to get something for themselves.

Muslims in Jordan are not the same as Christian graduates of Harvard who grew up in Poughkeepsie, but that is a lot of variables. It is not a simple "Muslims vs. the Western World" equation. You know that - you write eloquently about Muslims you know personally, or families you witnessed having a peaceful picnic in the park.

Bartender Cabbie said...

You are correct I have known some Muslims that I considered at the very least, friendly aquaintances, but I do not believe for a moment that Middle Eastern (and other) Muslim societies are on the same level as the West. It is not a poverty or development issue but a cultural one. I do not mean to say that they are inferior humans beings,that would smack of the unspeakable, but I do say their societies are inferior. Vastly so. The examples of this are endless.

I am not so sure the quest or "Palestinian" statehood is pure and noble frankly. I have noted before that I consider the problem to be formented and encouraged by the Muslim nations to keep a thorn in the side of Israel. Ok that is politics in the big leagues, but I have noticed that none of these Middle Eastern nations that are concerned about the plight of the "Palestinians" to be willing to allow them into their nations.

I also admit a few years back that I did have some sympathy for the Palestinian people in the immediate area. Watching them dance in the streets after our country was attacked caused me to lose most of my feelings of good will.
I now believe that Gaza, West Bank and of course the fairly won Golan are part of Israel proper, I admit a revenge motive is at the center of my change of heart, but so it goes.

Now I mentioned that a good many of the Palestinians are murderous cowards. I only tag those who purposely attack civilians to be so. I do not put those who attack IDF forces in the same category, no matter the "underhanded" tactics. If you wage war, you do so with the resources and tactics at hand. Please don't misunderstand this. Those who purposely attack civilians are cowardly scum while those that attack only military targets are waging the only type war that is at their disposal. While I hope to see Hamas and Hizbollah, etc. exterminated but I (again) do not think those that conduct ops against military targets only, to be "out of bounds" so to speak in the conduct of warfare. La Petite Guerre and der kleine krieg I have heard their (Palestinian)tactics called.

Anonymous said...

Still no reply from Matan re overtime pay ??