Saturday, February 26, 2011

Protesters Chant, "British Troops, Burn in Hell"

Protesters burning a poppy at a Muslims against Remembrance Day protest on November 11 last year

Two British Muslims have gone on trial near London for desecrating last November's 2-minute moment of silence on Armistice Day. These two also burned simulated  poppies during the commemoration. (The poppy has symbolic meaning for the British war dead). The defendant's  supporters (above) came out once again to chant hatred against British soldiers and British society. Below is a report from the Daily Mail.

Here is an article from the Daily Mail describing the events last November as Britons commemorated the end of WW I with a 2-minute moment of silence.

More photos:

What an outrage. How can anyone articulate in words just how horrific this is? It is easy to say, "Deport the bastards!" Most all of them, however, are British citizens-even British-born.

If I were a Brit and witnessed this insult to our war dead and our country, I don't know how I would respond. Most of these punks are of Pakistani or Indian descent. Yet, there is an Arabic word I learned once while in DEA. One night in Los Angeles, we arrested a group of Lebanese and Syrian heroin smugglers at a hotel in the airport area. My partner was an agent who had been stationed in the Middle East with DEA (Turkey and Lebanon). He had actually been kidnapped by the PLO in Lebanon back in the 1970s. They thought he was a CIA agent. After a week of beatings, they finally decided he was telling the truth-that he was DEA-not CIA. They let him go.

As we were putting the guys up against the wall, one of them put up some resistance with my partner who "firmly planted him back on the wall". As he did so, he called him a name in Arabic.

Later, I asked him what the term meant, and he told me. I apologize for the extensive digression, but I think the only thing I could say if I were there in Britain would be.....

"Sharmota!" ("Ibn sharmota" might be more accurate. I'll let you look it up.)

I'm sure they would understand it.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

Ibn Sharmota? I like that. Looked it up. An ultimate insult. Might have to use that on someone. Well maybe not. As I get older I have an aversion to getting my ass kicked. Something that did not bother me much in my younger days. On a serious note; I think that here in Texas (even in ultra liberal Austin) Muslims who applauded our troops' downfall in public would certainly need police protection. A whole platoon of officers at least.