Friday, December 31, 2010

What is the Catholic Church Talking About?

The below article comes from the blog, Doc's talk", and is written by Evelyn Gordon. How interesting that the Vatican ignores who is doing the actual persecuting and shifts blame to the Jews.

The only parellel I can think of is the gang warfare going on in California between Latino street gangs and black street gangs, a warfare that extends into the state prisons. We have black gangs killing each other, Latino gangs killing each other, blacks and Latinos killing each other, in the prisons, Norteno Mexicans fighting against Sureno Mexicans, both fighting against blacks.

And whose fault is that?  Why it's all because of white racism, naturally. (At least they don't blame the Jews-I think.)

Which reminds me- maybe the Vatican can blame the Jews for the priest pedophilia scandal. Yes! It is a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to destroy the Catholic Church. That's the ticket!


Siarlys Jenkins said...

Yes, Iraqi Christians were doing just fine under Saddam Hussein, but since the American invasion they have been subject to increasing levels of persecution...

A factual statement, although certainly incomplete.

It is also true that Arab-speaking Christians in the middle east were by and large accepted residents prior to the creation of Israel. Although they had better access to emigration to Europe and the United States than other Arabs, which reduced the size and scope of the Christian population, they were not immediately targeted by their Muslim neighbors.

In fact, Israel did treat them like any other Arabic-speaking people, especially since Arabic-speaking Christians by and large joined the opposition to Israel being created in the first place.

But, as "left wing" Palestinian leadership declined, and Fatah became increasingly kleptocratic, as the CIA promoted Islamic fundamentalism (as an alternative to communist influence, plus the tie-in with the Reagan-Wilson praise for Muslim "freedom fighters" in Afghanistan, a genie was let out of the bottle that won't go back now.

If militant Islamic theocracy is the cause, naturally Christians will come in for persecution, as they have in Pakistan ever since the darling of the U.S., Gen. Zia ul-Haq, made Sunni Islam a state religion, rather than Islam in general being a more diffuse cultural identity.

It's complicated. The Roman Church is not known for analyzing complex situations in depth and detail. But then, neither is Fousesquawk.

Gary Fouse said...


No one could go as in depth as you. If you went any deeper you would bump your head on the hull of the Titanic-then mention it as being relevant to the topic.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I would have to be directly over the Titanic before diving, if I were going to reach the hull. You pick the coordinates of your posts Gary, I just dive where you indicate.

If you are not prepared to go into depth on a matter of importance, you will end up as shallow, in your own way, as Norm Finkelstein.