Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Peace-Loving" Somali Arrested in Portland

Let's give another shout out to our State Department for bringing in tens of thousands of Somalis to our country. Gangs in Minnesota, Al Shabaab volunteers- now a 19-year-old Jihadist has been busted trying to set off a car bomb in Portland, Oregon during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

"Mohamud's attempt is neither representative nor an example of Somalis. Somalis are peace loving people," said Omaar, whose government is holed up in a few blocks of the capital, Mogadishu, while much of the country's southern and central regions are ruled by Islamist insurgents."

Is this the thinking of our striped pants bureaucrats in Washington? A country sinks into total lawlessness, so let's import that lawlessness into our country.  Not surprising, however. Even with all the mayhem that is going on on our southern border with Mexico, one would think the sensible thing to do would be to secure that border to keep it from spilling over to our side.

Wouldn't one?

With all the decades of scheming that the Communists of the USSR did during the Cold War to bring America down, they could not have come up with a better plan  than what our own government leaders are coming up with day in and day out.

But what about Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a Somali? She's a hero.

You bet your life she is. Yet she has to live in the US under security after the Dutch gave up trying to protect her for trying to warn us all about the threat.

Now I'm going to say something many of you may find racist.

We Westerners are the dumbest people on the planet.


Bartender Cabbie said...

These things will I fear become more and more common. I agree with your last statement whole heartedly. Unfortunately.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

At a news conference outside City Hall attended by the mayor and Muslim leaders, Kayse Jama, executive director of Portland’s Center for Intercultural Organizing, condemned the bombing attempt. “We left Somalia because of war,” Mr. Jama said, “and we would like to live in peace.”

Well, that puts Gary's comments in perspective:

"Refugees from Shabab violence are not welcome here" said Fouse. "They come from the same country and speak the same language as the violent thugs they are fleeing from."

In other news, Fouse said the U.S. State Department was right to turn away shiploads of Jewish refugees in the late 1930s, because "most of them were German, and Germany was the main threat to our security. We would have had to intern them as enemy aliens in a couple of years."

Gary Fouse said...


That is the most ridiculous analogy you have come up with to date. There were no Nazis on the St Louis (the ship that carried Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany to Cuba and the US in the 1930s-it was turned away and had to return to Europe).

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Are you so certain? It would have been a routine thing for any secret service to do. Admiral Canaris was no slouch in that field, until Hitler did him in. In any case, you have deftly avoided the question, why should Somalis fleeing violence and intimidation be turned away because some Somalis practice violence and intimidation?

Gary Fouse said...

Because in this case we have imported a serious problem into this country. This ranks right up there with Carter letting all the Cuban Marielitos into the country when Castro emptied his prisons.

Now look what we have.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Not to mention Eisenhower letting all the Cuban gangsters fleeing Castro in. Now they even vote... shameful.

OK, so you are clear that you favor admitting no refugees, because among the refugees will most likely be some who will commit crimes.

Can you imagine the furor in the Cuban communities in Florida if Carter had turned back the Mariel boat lifts?

Gary Fouse said...


First of all, the vast majority of the Cubans fleeing Castro upon the revolution were professional, educated people who have made a contribution. Sure they vote; they are citizens who have children and grandchildren now-and guess what-they mostly vote Republican.

It was Carter who let in the Marielitos, a completely different class.

As far as refugees are concerned, that is something that has been greatly abused here and in Europe. We have to take a closer look at it. In the case of Viet nam, we had an obligation to those people and they have made a contribution to our country.

It is high time we take a very close look at who we allow to come here. One of the factors is the liklihood of assimilation and accepting out values and traditions. Most immigrants have fit that catagory. Some have not.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Oh yes, those Vietnamese, who formed criminal protection rackets.

(No, NOT all of them, but the Vietnamese closest to the U.S., with the best connections to get on helicopters out, included a fair number of thugs -- the kind our government had been propping up at taxpayer expense in the deluded belief we were promoting "democracy" and fighting communism.)

Nguyen Cao Ky was running a chain of liquor stores (probably purchased with embezzled money of U.S. taxpayer origin) and running rackets until he died. Nevertheless, we DID have an obligation to people who had been endangered by OUR government's policies.

There were a good number of gangsters among the first wave from Cuba too, some of whom used our country as a base for terrorism for many years. I won't say anyone has proved they were involved in the Kennedy assassination, but that is not entirely implausible either.

Mariel... it started as an exodus of the same kind of people you refer to with such respect... then Castro shrewdly sent a good number of his prisoners along. Not a parallel to any other situation I know of. Carter should have been wise to the trick, but some Cuban advocacy group in Florida would have raised Cain -- only realizing too late that they would be the main targets of the Marielitos.