Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Wilders Trial in Holland- A Farce

Europe News (DK) has an update on the on-going farce of a trial in Holland against Dutch politician, Geert Wilders, for hate speech and incitement-or whatever they are calling it. The European legal system, based on the Napoleanic Code,(highly favorable to the prosecution) is confusing to us Americans. Recently, prosecutors requested that Wilders be acquitted. The Judge refused, and from there, everything apparently went to Hell in a Dutch wooden shoe. Now a judge has been removed for improperly trying to influence a defense witness at a dinner party and it looks like a retrial is in order.

It does seem, however, that everday Europeans (unlike their spineless political leaders) are waking up and speaking out. On October 30, a rally against shariah encroachment will be held in Amsterdam's Museumplein (square).

(Europe News-DK)

By the way, you Americans who value free speech should be very interested in this trial. If you don't know who Wilders is, you should do some research. The outcome of this trial will say a lot about future freedom in Holland-and probably in Europe as well. You may not agree with Wilders or like him, but if he goes to prison, you should be very troubled.


Anonymous said...

Yep, the EDL, just "everyday Europeans!"

Well, if by "everyday Europeans" you mean a bunch of pathetic neo-Nazi soccer hooligans.

Yep, look like a real friendly bunch.

Jewish leaders condemn the English Defence League Can't wait for your standard, "There's actually a term that some Jews use, called self-hating Jews. I leave that to my Jewish friends to decide, though" response.

Learn more about Gary's allies, the EDL, here.

Gary Fouse said...


EDL?? My friends???

You Sir, are an idiot, but at least you're smart enough to remain anonymous.

Anonymous said...

You should pay more attention to what you post then. From the description of the video:

"Demonstration for Freedom of Speech and against Expanding Sharia Laws in Europe

Organization : European Freedom Initiative*

*The European Freedom Initiative is an umbrella organization, whose members include, amongst others: ICLA (International), BPE (Peoples Movement Pax Europa, Germany), Politically Incorrect (Germany), EDL (England), LDF, Alliance to Stop Sharia, Actions SITA (France), DDL, Amsterdampost (Holland), Mission Europa - Netzwerk Karl Martell (Austria), Una Via per Oriana (Italy) and many others..."

Anonymous said...

Not to mention that it says "EDL" right in the title of the video.

Gary Fouse said...

Oh stop it. If you look closer, you'll also see Gates of Vienna mentioned. Gates of Vienna is a blog which I link on my site. And there are no apologies.

By everday Europeans, I refer, for example, to Swiss voters who said no to minarets.

Why don't you pick apart the message that is in the video?

You can't.

Anonymous said...

I don't need to pick it apart because any rational, thinking individual will see that it's nothing more than thinly veiled bigotry and hate. The same sort of garbage that was perpetrated against the Jews in early 20th century Europe.

Anonymous said...

The vast majority of the Jewish people recognize this, which is why they've condemned hate groups like the EDL.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

1) I could care less about Wilders, a vicious little opportunist playing on fears (real as well as imagined), in the worst possible way.

2) What he is charged with sounds like what we would call free speech, however despicable.

3) If we're not careful, that new interpretation of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act will take forms very similar to what is happening to Wilders.

4) Condemning Wilders is not comparable to Sharia as law, and wild paranoia about Sharia becoming law in countries where it has not historicality are way off base, whether Wilders is innocent or guilty.

5) Thank God I live in a country where people can build minarets, or congregational Christian churches, or put mezzuzahs on their door, or sacrifice chickens to the orishas, or...

Gary Fouse said...

"I don't need to pick it apart because any rational, thinking individual will see that it's nothing more than thinly veiled bigotry and hate. The same sort of garbage that was perpetrated against the Jews in early 20th century Europe."

Anonymous: A few differences.

Jews were well integrated into the European nations in the 1930s.

They were not out on the streets agitating and rioting and attacking non-Jews.

They were not boasting about taking over their societies and enforcing their religion on all.

They were not aligned with Europe's enemies-in spite of the propaganda.

There is no comparison. Jews in the early 1930s were not practicing hate. The French are reacting to the hate exhibited by the Muslim immigrants.

It may seem like bigotry to you, but how much time and experience do you have in Europe. Immigrants to all nations must assimilate and respect the values, customs and traditions of their new land. The fact that many (not all) Muslim immigrants in European countries are acting badly unfortunately makes it bad for the ones living their lives quietly. However, it is a natural reaction to outrageous behavior. Once again, we must call on the decent Muslims (in this case in Europe) to crack down on their own bad apples. Remove them and insist that immigrants assimilate and they will be welcomed.

Anonymous said...

I think "Anonymous" is actually Ted.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

No, we don't need to patronizingly call on whomever we deign to annoint as "decent Muslims" to "crack down on their own bad apples."

Rather, Europeans need to call on their Muslim citizens not to offer solidarity in the name of religion to thugs who use that religious identity as a cover.

There is a difference. (Neither side of the equation is "we," speaking as one American citizen to another.)

Gary Fouse said...


Is that an oxymoron???

We should not do what the Europeans should do?


Siarlys Jenkins said...

No Gary, that is not an oxymoron. When you grow up and take advanced high school grammar classes, you will learn the meaning of big words like oxymoron.

You are discussing events in Europe. No such events are happening here, because we have a First Amendment, and Europeans have nothing like it.

Since you are discussing events in Europe, you are not talking about what "we" Americans should do. You are talking about what "they" in Europe should do, friendly advice from a distant cousin across the Atlantic.

IF such events were happening here, which constitutionally they can't, then, and only then, "we" should handle things the same way as I suggest the Europeans should handle them.

Gary Fouse said...

Are you aware of the UN measure against defamation of religions? A creation of the 57 member Organ. of the Islamic Conference, it would ask member nations to ban speech against religion-in practice Islam.

It's called creeping shariah. It's in Europe and its trying to come here too. That's the whole reason I keep track of developments in Europe.