Saturday, October 30, 2010

FBI Press Release on the Attempted Bombings

My friend and colleague, Debra Glazer, has sent a letter to the editor of the Orange County Register in reaction to the FBI press release regarding the attempted shipments of explosives from Yemen to two Chicago area synagogues.
To the Editor
Orange County Register

"Today we learned that at east two suspicious parcels, originating in Yemen, were

addressed to synagogues or other Jewish institutions in the Chicago area.

And here is the resulting advice reportedly coming from the FBI’s Special Agent

Ross Rice: “ Since two of the suspicious packages that were intercepted were

addressed to religious institutions in Chicago, all churches, synagogues and

mosques in the Chicago area should be vigilant for any unsolicited or unexpected

packages, especially those originating from overseas locations.”

Once again, the FBI shows that it cannot distinguish between the perpetrator and

the victim. No news reports have stated that any mosque was targeted by these

suspicious parcels. Yet the FBI, in its mission to be politically correct,

sensitive and inclusive above all else, is leaving the erroneous impression that

the Yemeni terrorists may be targeting mosques. No, Mr. Ross, they were

targeting synagogues and Jewish institutions, not mosques. Why can’t you

publicly acknowledge that these Islamic terrorists obviously have a particular

hatred for Jews, so much so that they are trying to deliver bombs to synagogues

and other places where Jews gather?

And, since Pres.Obama plans to be in Chicago tomorrow, on the Jewish Sabbath,

why doesn’t he make a quick visit to one of the targeted Jewish institutions to

show solidarity? That is what a great leader would do. That is what many good

people did when black churches were firebombed in the South."

Debra Glazer
Excellent point, Debra. The problem is that political correctness suppresses any discussion of perpetrators unless said perpetrators are white, Christian, Anglo-Saxon conservatives.  If you read that announcement, you might conclude that any and all religious buildings were being threatened from "overseas", for example, Norway, Tahiti, Bolivia or South Korea.



Siarlys Jenkins said...

Poppycock. There is a clear record in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and elsewhere, that al Qaeda and its affiliates indulge in bombings of Ammadiyah Muslim mosques, massacres of Sufi and Shia Muslim populations (including the Hazara in Afghanistan), etc. etc. etc.

Only a perverse species of "political correctness" would inspire such a trite piece of parochial rhetoric, insisting that "I want MY religion to be the center of sympathy, not anyone else's."


Gary Fouse said...


So sorry you are disgusted.

Miggie said...

Who do you think did it? The Amish? Probably it was those horrible Israelis in Lod. (Who else stands to gain by making the Muslims look bad? as the tortured reasoning of a UCI Middle East Studies professor explains terrorist acts.)

The fact that Muslims, more than anyone else, terrorize and murder other Muslims in addition to non-Muslims shows first what a violent religion Islam is. Second, of all the targets in Mumbay, they found and attacked a Jewish shelter, one of the very few there. Of all the targets in the U.S., they attacked, in this most recent instance, two Jewish synagogues. What a coincidence!!!

Anyone who doesn't acknowledge that anti-Semitism, frequently masquerading as "merely" anti-Israel, is at the core of Islamic theology doesn't want to look at Islamic teaching in the Koran, or at the daily Jihad pronouncements by the Islamic imams all over the world, or at the actual attacks by the Islamic activists. All, uniquely, in the name of Allah.

What is disgusting is that soft headed Lefties don't want to admit it. They'd rather quibble. What is disheartening is that the majority of supposedly good Muslims are silent on the issue. Where are all the protest riots by the peaceful Muslims? They can riot in the streets over cartoons or cuts in welfare or some other perceived slight thousands of miles away but they can't have even one public protest when one of their own attempts to or actually slaughters innocent people.



Siarlys Jenkins said...

Miggie, you whining juvenile little brat, we all know who did it. Al Qaeda did it. Who do you think al Qaeda targets? Their enemies are legion, and include 90% of Islam. Now, your point was???????

Gary, don't lie. You're not very good at it. You run numbers like that when you are rendered speechless by inconvenient facts you cannot refute, but cling to your burst of faux outrage like a security blanket.

Unfortunately, there is no security for the USA in clinging to your political fetishes.

Gary Fouse said...

"Miggie, you whining juvenile little brat"


That is definitely over the line.

"Gary, don't lie."

That is also over the line. Where is the lie? My statement about pc suppressing mention of who perps are? What numbers are you referring to?

You are looking ridiculous.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

That is definitely over the line.

Gary, Miggie has been far more insulting and far over that line in the past. And don't get me started on Findalis. Yet, when anybody asks you to call them out on it, you give the "don't hide behind my dress" spiel.

Face it, it's okay to be over the line so long as somebody agrees with you.

Gary Fouse said...


Calling somebody a whing juvenile brat is over the line. I got news for you. Miggie is older than all three of us. He speaks from a long life of experience.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

My point is that he has gone far beyond that with his insults, and you're being obtuse by pretending otherwise.

Miggie is older than all three of us. He speaks from a long life of experience.

Could'a fooled me. Maybe he is smart about some things, but on this forum he has a simplistic black-and-white view of the world and is completely unable to see any point that doesn't go along with the bogus "liberal versus conservative" narrative.

What's worse, he can't stand being proven wrong, and when he is he resorts to name-calling. And let's also not forget his "links to nowhere" and his refusal to admit that particular dishonest tactic.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gary, you said you were sorry. I know very well that you are not. The "lie" was no more, and no less, than that. Who was it who said "can't you take a joke?" Someone who writes here.

As for Miggie, he's talking like a whining five year old jumping up and down on the playground, rather than like an adult who has a different way of looking at things.

Miggie said...

My point was that you typically defend the Muslims. You recount the Muslim periods of supposedly benign rule over conquered people... Which was refuted. You were upset over some misdeeds of the Lod Israelies, according to the Economist.... while not commenting on the daily atrocities committed by Religion of Peace fundamentalists. Now you quibble about the complaint over the press coverage which falsely insinuates that several religious places were targeted when, in fact, there were only Jewish ones. The next logical step would be to suggest that it really not Muslims who did it. In fact, you were "disgusted" with Debra pointing out the singular nature of the targets.

I can explain my point. Frankly I have a hard time comprehending your points... It seems to always quibbles that attempt to defend the Muslims while paying particular attention to supposed Jewish misconduct.


Gary Fouse said...

That's the lie??? Really, you make no sense whatsoever.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

"A stupid man's report of what a clever man says can never be accurate, because he unconsciously translates what he hears into something he can understand." - Bertrand Russell.

Gary Fouse said...

"I do"- Bertrand Russell (4 times, in fact.)

Wasn't he the one taking part in all those "international war crimes trials" held by activists against the US during Viet Nam?

I suggest you find someone else to quote.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

"If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it." - Joseph Goebbels

Is this quote less true because a Nazi said it? Of course not. Just as what you said about Russell is irrelevant to the truth of his quote.

Gary Fouse said...


You are being downright silly. What is the Big Lie here? That I sarcastically told Siarlys, that I was "sorry" he was disgusted?

Did Bertrand Russell have any great quotes about mountains and molehills?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Gary, your award for "Most Missed Points of the Year" is in the mail.

The point of the Goebbels quote was just to show that if something is true, it doesn't matter who says it.

Gary Fouse said...


At this point in the thread, do either of us even know about what is true and what is a lie.

Let's get back to the original post. What Debra said is, in my view, true.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

"What is truth?" said Pontius Gary Pilate Fouse.

Miggie, I insist on examining the role of Islam in the world in all its fine details and nuances, all the many sects, all the many different ways that people who call themselves Muslim act toward other Muslims and their neighbors.

I also insist on examining Israel as a complex nation of rather diverse peoples, even if all of them do share a religion, well no, not all of them are Jews either... the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Then, you rant and rave about how I only say bad things about Israel (which is true if you ignore about 63% of what I said), and always defend "the Muslims," which is true if you ignore about half of what I say and lump the rest together, homogenizing distinct observations about fifty-eleven different KINDS of Muslims.

All this disturbs your digestion, because you want life to be a nice simple good guys - bad guys, cops and robbers movie. Well, it isn't.