Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Viva Palestina 5 Stumbles Into Turkey

In case you didn't know it, loudmouth Brit George Galloway is "leading" another Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza, where he will turn over some trucks, some Campbell's chicken soup and bags full of cash to Hamas. That is if he can get into Gaza. Apparently, he is planning a two-pronged assault-on land via Israel (ha, ha) or by sea to Egypt and then into Gaza. Problem is after having an Egyptian border guard killed last time, Galloway is persona non grata in Egypt. Then there is the matter of the last "flotilla" that was intercepted by the Israelis, the Mavi Marmara.


Here is the latest Viva Palestina "update" from our heroes as they arrived in Turkey.
Monday 27 September - Convoy rolls into Istanbul

"The fifth Viva Palestina convoy crossed out of Europe and into Turkey on Monday - but not without delays.

It was just 30km from the campsite in Alexandroupolis to the Turkish border, but what should have been a simple crossing took more than two hours. As dozens of Turkish supporters stood waving flags and cheering clearly visible across the border, it took a considerable time for the 43 vehicles to get through the bureaucracy. Border officials were sympathetic but the lack of a common language made the process lengthy.

But then, in the broiling sun, the vans and ambulances passed into Turkey to be engulfed by the supporters and the dozens of media waiting to interview the convoyers. Then, in a ear-shattering barrage of horns and sirens, the convoy moved off under police escort fpr Istanbul.

It's almost 300km from the border to the capital and half-way there the convoy made a pre-arranged stop for food and drink. It was at the side of Sea of Marmara and several of the travellers took the opportunity to dive into the water - yes, that's you Quinny!

When the convoy pulled off the motorway in Istanbul it was swamped by hundreds of local supporters waving flags and cheering. Speeches were made from the top of a van and then it was into the mayhem of the Istanbul evening traffic. Little wonder that the convoy was divided into several disparate elements but our hosts, the Turkish NGO the IHH, rescued the lost boys and girls and shepherded them to the night's stop at a local stadium. Then to a marvellous restaurant on the edge of the Bosphorus, where George Galloway was waiting to greet them. (Italics mine).

It will be a day of press conferences and events in Istanbul on Tuesday before the convoy moves on."

So after all that arduous travel across Europe, border delays, overnighting in public squares and soccer stadiums, they go to a Turkish restaurant on the Bosporous where Galloway is there to greet them???

Are we to assume that Georgie is flying from point to point???

And what about that marvelous restaurant on the Bosporous? Who is going to pay for all those hungry travelers?

Oh, I forgot. George has a couple of shopping bags full of cash. Who needs American Express?

And from Istanbul, it's on to who knows where. I assume George will spend a few days in Istanbul, maybe buy a few carpets at the Covered Bizaar, then hop a flight to meet his weary travelers at their next stop.

I too will be praying.....

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

It's another job for Mel Gibson. The Lethal Weapon will remove all obstacles from the path of the convoy. Maybe he can get The Terminator to partner with him.

renett? What does a cheese precursor have to do with verification?