Monday, September 27, 2010

Alan (Jerk of the Year) Grayson's Worst TV Ad

Hat tip to Hot Air

There are lots of reasons why Florida Congressman Alan Grayson won the 2009 Fousesquawk Jerk of the Year Golden Penguin award. And there's lots of reasons why he just may repeat in 2010. I don't know anything about his opponent in this year's reelection race, Daniel Webster, but I know one thing about this Grayson ad below. It is despicable. But then again, so is Grayson.

According to FactCheck, Webster was deferred while attending ROTC then failed his physical when he tried to enlist.

And what about Grayson? You would think this guy was a decorated war veteran, right? Wrong. Grayson, who was born in 1958, was too young for military service during Viet Nam or during the draft era. In fact, he never served at all.

And who is that narrator in the ad? The Grayson campaign has not identified him. In fact, if one were not paying close attention, the impression might be that is Grayson himself speaking, the "old war horse".

What a jerk!


Anonymous said...

Gee Gary, I thought you didn't like FactCheck? I guess they're only a reliable source when they agree with you, right?

Gary Fouse said...


Lance Christian Johnson said...

If only you were being ironic, Gary.

Anonymous said...

It'll certainly be interesting to see Gary's response the next time one of us uses FactCheck to refute some of his dubious claims, won't it?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Gosh, he's putting together ads like he was a Republican or something. Is Gary concerned that there is some sort of copyright violation here, or that people might mistakenly believe Grayson is a Republican and vote for him under false pretenses? Shades of Lee Atwater, Bill Frist, Karl Rove of course, the Swift Vote Beterans...

Seriously, this is an extreme example of what I most often criticize Democrats for. They cringe in fear of whatever the Republicans come up with, and think the only ways to respond are either to mimic their methods, or evade questions about vital issues.

In my state we could have had a damn good attorney general and a highly qualified Supreme Court justice if they had fired their campaign advisers, declined to go down that road, and spoken up boldly, with a smile, about what they really stand for. Instead, we have two unqualified jerks.

Grayson deserves to lose, but for all I know, from what this ad or Gary's rant tells me, maybe Webster deserves to lose even more. God help us every one.

Gary Fouse said...


Let's not get off topic. The whole point is that Grayson put out a falso ad. Secondly, how does he go after a man for not having served in a war he (Grayson) was too young to serve in when HE hasn't served?

This is like people like Bill Maher, Michael Moore and Terry McAuliffe calling Bush a draft dodger (he did serve in the reserves) when they never wore a uniform in their lives.

Grayson is a hypocrite.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

We're not off topic Gary. This is precisely what our modern political culture encourages, and too often, rewards. That's why he did it. Do you think Grayson ran this ad because he wanted people to doubt his ethics? He's seen it work time and again, so he thought it might work for him!

Gary Fouse said...


Spin it anyway you want, but I think we have satisfactorily demonstrated that Grayson's ad was grossly unfair.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Of course it was grossly unfair! No question about that at all.

Now, what was it you said the other day, about Mr. Pot calling Mr. Kettle black?

Sour grapes my friend, sour grapes.