Friday, August 27, 2010

Glenn Beck's Event Tomorrow-What to Expect

Tomorrow, Glenn Beck's organized event at the Lincoln Memorial will take place. At this point, it appears it will be a huge event. At the minimum, tens of thousands of people are expected to show up in Washington. Beck promises it will be a celebration of the greatness of America. Sarah Palin will be there. What can we expect?

I expect a positive, up-beat celebration of our country. However if you listen to the left and the media, it will be some kind of racist, right-wing rant against Obama. It will be a sacrilege because it is occurring at the same spot as Martin Luther King's "I have a dream speech" 47 years to the day later. Rev. Al Sharpton is planning a counter-demonstration. NAACP head Ben Jealous is speaking out against it. Never mind that King is a hero to Beck. Never mind that Beck honors the civil rights movement.

I fully expect that no speaker will say anything embarrassing-though rest assured, the media will be eager to pick up on any word they can jump on. They will be out with their cameras and microphones looking for an objectionable poster. Most likely, there will be a few plants in the crowd who will bring an objectionable poster in an effort to discredit the crowd and the event. Media interviewers will try and goad attendees into saying something they can put up on the news in a sound bite. The left will do whatever it takes to make this event look like some kind of gathering of ignorant, dangerous, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic (have I left any out?) goobers.

And of course, the Chris Matthews' and the Keith Olbermanns over at MSNBC will rip the event and every person who attended it. How dare they honor America, the Constitution and our military.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

I expect a narcissist to stroke his ego in front of a lot of people.

Squid, said...

It is time that the radical left realize that their attempt to silence us, by calling us names such as bigot, homophobe, racist and islamaphobe, is not working for them as it did in the past. This sort of name calling is being compared to crying wolf. The far left has learned well from the Saul Alinsky bible of radicalization, that if you blame the concerned folks, they will back off from their complaints about what the far left is doing to America.

Charles Krauthhammer has written fine piece about this topic, today, in the Orange County Register. Check it out and feel better about your perception of what the present Administration and their minions are doing to our Country.



Gary Fouse said...


I read Krauthammer's piece. As usual, it was right on. Now I guess, Joe Klein will write a nasty piece about him.

Gary Fouse said...

Why is Glenn Beck a narcissist, Lance?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

How is Beck a narcissist? How is the Pope Catholic? I know that my answer comes across as an evasion, but I don't even know how to start answering it. Maybe it's all his talk about how "a miracle" is going to happen. This is all for his own aggrandizement.

Seriously, if you think that this is about honoring America, our Constitution, and our military, and not feeding the fevered egos of a bunch of windbags, then you might be interested in buying the Golden Gate Bridge from me. I got it at a good price, and I'll give you a sweet deal on it.

Gary Fouse said...


Thank you for your reasoned, well-thought out response, full of details, specifics and empirical documentation that Glenn Beck is a narcissist. Now I got it.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Yeah, I get it. I don't know how to explain it. How can you watch the guy and not see it? I mean, a "miracle" is going to happen? Seriously? How is that NOT narcissistic?

The guy is as phony as a $3 bill. If you want evidence for that, have you seen the video where was caught using Vick's under his eyes to induce the crocodile tears that he spews on his show?

You can find it here:

Siarlys Jenkins said...

I don't expect anything out of Glenn Beck's mouth to honor America, our military, or anything else about our country. The difference between Glenn Beck and Hitler is that Glenn Beck couldn't organize a beer hall putsch, much less secure a plurality in the Reichstag, but he sure puts on a show for his mesmerized devotees.

I will say that, as always, the people screaming about how horrible it all is are just giving him credence he doesn't deserve. He should be ignored with bemused contempt, not gratified by being treated as a threat. Narcissists love that sort of attention.

Gary Fouse said...

Lance and Siarlys,

From what I saw on TV today, it looks like they had a huge crowd, and it was upbeat and positvine. (I have not seen everything, so feel free to go to MSNBC and find some bad sound bites.

Meanwhile across town, Sharpton was having a counter-rally. The bit I heard featured Al shouting, "What do we want? When do we want it"? Real up-beat and positive, right?

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Like I said, mounting a counter-rally to this jerk is a tremendous waste. Maybe most Americans felt the same. Al Sharpton is not my kind of guy.

As for the turn-out, the United States government had no problem ignoring turnouts of half a million people in more than one city on the same day for anti-war rallies, several years in a row. The only thing that got them out of Vietnam was half the troops being strung out on heroin, half the rest sitting around a firebase near Khe Sanh singing "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," and the rest rolling hand grenades under the partition when the lieutenant was taking a shower.

What did Beck get? Ten thousand? Twenty thousand? Out of a population of 300 million? Let's say every one of those twenty thousand represented ten more who would have been there if they could. That's 2 million out of 300 million. So what? Hope they all had a good time.

I remember a D.C. cop who cheerfully asked, after an "impeach Nixon" rally, "Are you people through so I can go home now? I have to work overtime when you do things like this." I thought it was the best summation of the entire event I had ever heard - or most events like it.

Sometimes, an event strikes a chord in what is already there nationwide. The 1963 rally was such an event. The "Remember the Dream" rally in 2000 was not, and neither was Glenn Beck's party for himself.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

From the bit I saw, there wasn't anything offensive about it. However, I still maintain that it was more of an ego-stroke for Beck than anything else.

And are you trying to get me to defend Sharpton? You're barking up the wrong tree there. I'm with Siarlys. They should have just left it alone so we could all move on with our lives.