Saturday, May 29, 2010

$$$-UCI Tuition Refund Update-$$$

(Cross-posted from the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism)

UC-Irvine students lining up at the cashiers office for refunds

According to my friends over at the Orange County Independent Task Force on Anti-Semitism, almost 500 UC-Irvine students have formally applied for student fee refunds in response to the university funding of the Muslim Student Union to put on their recent Israel-bashing week, which featured four days and nights of dopey speakers.

Hopefully, the other UC campuses are also being besieged by students fed up with a portion of their student fees going to fund this kind of hate-filled propaganda being fed out by misguided human rights activists, dopey left-wing professors, and other assorted hate-mongers.

So don't wait until the money runs out. Click the below link and get yours while it lasts.

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Siarlys Jenkins said...

I recently ran across an article which provides a tenuous link to the equation of Israel with apartheid. Its not that Israel practices apartheid. However, Israel did have an intellectually and spiritually incongruous not-so-covert military alliance with the Republic of South Africa. It was based on pure realpolitik. Israel needed its own armaments industry to feel safe -- the capital investment required was more than their own needs justified. South Africa was having trouble buying the arms it needed to suppress its neighbors and restive population. South Africa had yellow cake, Israel had more skilled nuclear physicists, both wanted their own atomic bomb. Etc. It wasn't pretty. It wasn't based on principles of the Tanach or the Talmud. It was one of those things nation states fall into. A cautionary note about equating any state, even Israel, with the practice of Judaism. This sordid bit of history may underlie the facile use of the word "apartheid" in connection with Israel. Still, what Israel practices, the good, the bad, the ugly, does not qualify as "apartheid."