Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball Season Over-For Cub Fans

Well, it's 2010, 102 years since my cursed Cubbies last won the World Series (1908-the year my Dad was born)and 65 years since they last won the National League pennant (1945-which, incidentally, is the year I was born). Yes, that was a great year; Hitler died, I was born and the Cubbies ruled the National League.

"Let the dynasty begin", as they say.

Now the 2010 season is a month old, and it's clear that my torment will continue.

Let's take a look. Carlos Zambone, who is supposed to be our ace and win 20 games every year, is in the bullpen. Our 85 million dollar free agent for 8 years, Elfloppo Sorryano, who nobody will take away from us, is on the bench after showing that he can still wave at fly balls and breaking pitches with equal aplomb.

Our two sluggers, Derrek Lee and Aramis Ramirez, are hitting .300 (combined).

"I'm back in the CELLAR again"

Meanwhile, Albert Pujols and the Cardinals are on their way to an easy division championship and possibly their umpteenth World Series appearance.

At this point, as the Old Penguin nears his 65th birthday, my chances of seeing the Cubs in the World Series are becoming a dwindling mathematical equation. Wouldn't it be ironic if say, I was 95 years old, drooling all over myself in a nursing home, that someone came in and said, "Congratulations, Big Gar-The Cubs have won the World Series!!"


Well, who knows? Every dog has his day.

"Good news, mein Fuerhrer! The Cubs are going to win the pennant this year!"



Findalis said...

They are overpaid. Fire them and get some talented HS or College players.

Gary Fouse said...


Time to unload the older guys for young prospects.

Siarlys Jenkins said...

Everything in sports is overpaid. But I'm still a Cubs fan. My cousin, who grew up on the south side of Chicago, says being a Cubs fan is good preparation for life. At my mother's 80th birthday party, she even began expounding on that theme at some length and in detail. It was better as a single sentence. Anyway, good to know I have one more think in common with Fouse.

Gary Fouse said...


I've been suffering since 1963. It's kind of like being into whips and chains. (Not that I would know about that stuff).