Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm Off For a Few Days

Don't bother me. I'm drinking in Mexico.


Findalis said...

Have a good one.

L'shana Tova!
May you be inscribed in the Book of Life.

Anonymous said...

"The question was given to Finkelstein, who responded, "First of all, it's not my cause." He disclaimed any knowledge of the statements, but said that he suspected they were "99% made up…a pretext or excuse to change the subject" and that the perpetrators might have been "pro-Israel provocateurs masquerading as Arabs." He never condemned the statements and his dismissive and conspiratorial response caused the audience to erupt in applause."

Why would he condemn statements that in his belief were 99% made up? The truth is there ARE groups who do that very thing - and I'd also agree with him that that's who those people were.

Are you a fucking moron, or what?

Zionists, if anything, have to be the stupidest life-forms our planet have to offer...

Gary Fouse said...

Reply to Anonymous,

First of all, your response is to an unrelated thread and about 8 months late. I can assure you that Norman Finklestein was not drinking Tequila with me in Mexico. My guess is that if he tried to drink what I drink, he'd be a dead man.

As for the events that Finklestein tried to sweep under the rug, they are well documented on YouTube-and are on this blog for your viewing pleasure. Finklestein made the same slip up that the other goof, George Galloway made- he tried to portray himself as an expert, then denied an important related issue- anti-Semitism by pro-Palestinian demonstrators-even though they are all over YouTube.

Finally, Anonymous, there is this:

"Are you a fucking moron, or what?"

"Zionists, if anything, have to be the stupidest life-forms our planet have to offer..."

Shouldn't that read..."our planet has to offer"?

Now I know why you guys always sign as "Anonymous". Smart move.

Damn, this job is easy!

Gary Fouse said...
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