Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Congratulations to the Main Stream News Media

Photograph of the apartment where Maria lives. (If you look closely, you can see a MSM reporter lurking behind the tree.)

We must give credit where credit is due. The mainstream news media (MSM), often the target of my sarcastic wrath in not investigating juicy stories of personal misconduct by politicians, has been Johnny on the spot as to the Mark Sanford scandal.

Yes, the MSM is all over this one. The State, South Carolina's largest newspaper published the first name of Sanford's girlfriend in Buenos Aires, pictures of her apartment building and word for word transcripts of Sanford's juicy e-mails to the lady. It seems The State has had the e-mails since December. Were they waiting for a more opportune time to go public? At any rate, Sanford was met by State reporters Wednesday morning as he arrived on a flight from Buenos Aires. The same day, he spilled the beans.

This all goes to show that when the MSM is on your track, they always get their man.

Yessir, whether your name is Mark Sanford, Mark Foley, Larry Craig or John Ensign, no illicit assignation will slip under the radar of the mainstream media. Their ace reporters are everywhere, behind every tree as J. Edgar Hoover used to say. Just like the omnipresent FBI, the MSM stands ready to expose every public official who tries to play around on the side-even in far-off Argentina-the MSM is there.

As long as you have an (R) after your name.

The question begs; where was the MSM during the John Edwards story-which had to be dragged out and exposed by the National Enquirer? Which national MSM outlet broke the Clinton-Lewinsky story? Where were all those ace investigative reporters then?
Sure, the MSM grudgingly had to go along and cover Democratic scandals when they could no longer be ignored-stick them on page 23, do a one-time interview with John Edwards after everything was out, accept his bland denials of having any knowledge of money going to his mistress as well as his denial of paternity-and....

Move on.

In fact, wasn't that the mantra of the Clinton followers-that he had admitted his mistake, aplogized, and we must.....move on? Wasn't that the whole impetus for creating the liberal blog,

Anyway, my point is this; enjoy the story. I'm posting it too. I think that aside from the love affair, his mysterious disappearance, with his staff (presumably on his word) telling the public that he was hiking in Appalachia, indicates that he is no longer fit to serve as governor. I just wish the MSM would show the same expertise (enthusiasm, actually) for catching Democratic Lotharios.

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