Saturday, May 30, 2009

Watching Keith Olbermann (During O'Reilly Commercials)

"C'mon in, Keith. The water's fine!!"

Last night, while watching Bill O'Reilly, I switched over to MSNBC to see what Krazy Keith Olbermann was up to since I hadn't checked him out for a few weeks. I wanted to see if he had finally managed to move on in life.

No chance. There was Keith still fighting the Bush-Cheney water boarding wars, trying to convince somebody out there other than his tightly-knit circle of friends that Bush and Cheney should be brought to the Court of Justice (probably at Nuremberg) for their "crimes" against those poor terrorists. Sure enough, during the first O'Reilly commercial, Keith was chatting with fellow-traveler Richard Wolffe (2 FFs)about the "lies" of Dick Cheney regarding the results of water boarding. Somewhere, there was a film clip of Senator Carl (the Unmade Bed) Levin reciting a speech about how water boarding was ineffective. Keith then brought up the "heartrending" (his words-not mine) case of an interrogator who reduced a hardened terrorist to tears by apologizing for America's "crimes", thus causing the terrorist to spill the beans in gratitude. Heartrending indeed. My wife had no idea why I was crying in front of the TV set.

Keith also brought on talk-jock "Man Cow" (I don't know his real name), who had had himself water boarded and supposedly contradicted blogger "Gawker", who had a different take. What was the difference? Hell if I know-I had to switch back to O'Reilly.

Someone needs to remind Olbermann that we have a new president in office and a whole host of new issues to talk about. But who am I to try and save Olbermann's ratings?


Faithful Remnant said...

I too during O'Reily commercials have clicked over to see what that nut Keith was talking about now.

I agree. We are five months into a new administration whose spending is already way out of control and yet all this goofball can talk about is the last eight years.
Typical of the left, when things are bad blame the past administration, whem things are good praise the most liberal
President for making such a quick change.

Its all quite laughable!

Findalis said...

They don't know how to do anything else Gary. If they don't bash Bush, who will they bash? And they have to bash someone.

Gary Fouse said...

....and they sure don't want to bash the current president.

Bryan said...

Remember how conservatives love to still blame stuff on President Clinton? Yeah, I guess it's kind of like that. Both instances are stupid.

Gary Fouse said...

Fair enough, Bryan; I still bash Jimmy Carter, for damn good reasons. The difference is that I am not trying to get Carter and Clinton thrown in prison for trying to prevent more massive loss of American life. But then again, Carter and Clinton didn't do much to protect us.