Sunday, May 31, 2009

Find that Riot!!

It's time to give the mainstream news media another clue in locating that major riot that took place May 22 in a major world capital yet escaped unnoticed by said msm. We know from the first clue that it occurred in Europe, right? Here's the next clue......

(No, it's not the US Supreme Court. There won't be any riots occurring there before Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed, but that's another story.)


Anonymous said...

At least we've finally established that Fox News is part of the "mainstream media" so that whenever that term is used from now on, it includes them as well.

Anonymous said...

How's this article for ya?

I guess the media are also ignoring the fact that right-wing extremists fire-bombed a Mosque a couple of days later? Gonna complain about that, too?

Gary Fouse said...


If Fox is part of the msm, it is because they have been so successful in getting viewers. They are running circles around the other networks. That causes the other networks to heap scorn upon Fox.

As for the current situation in Greece, I would defer to Linnea. She is married to a Greek, speaks Greek fluently and has lived for many years in Greece though currently in the US. Basically, according to her, Greece is inundated with illegal immigrants from Albania, North Africa. Pakistan, Syria etc. They have taken over the main thoroughfares selling trinkets on the sidewalks. When the cops come in to clear the streets, they scatter and the cops kick aside what they leave behind. Now we have riots. Kudos to those who choose to air their grievances peacefully, but who should do the demanding here?

And yes, if someone set fire to a mosque, I condemn that.

Anonymous said...

Anecdotal "evidence" from a clearly biased source (Linnea)? No thanks.

I wasn't looking for you to condemn the mosque attack, because I already know you're a good person and would condemn such a thing, I was more saying that if the media are so biased, then why aren't they reporting either side of the story? If they were so sympathetic to the Muslims or the immigrants, you'd think they'd report on the mosque being attacked. But they're apparently silent on that, too. So I was asking if you're going to complain about the media ignoring that side of the story as well.

Gary Fouse said...


I have no sympathies for neo-Nazis in any country, but that doesn't mean that Greeks who are angry over illegal immigration overrunning their country with people who contribute nothing and demand this or that then riot have no reason to be upset. As for that fire that was set, I condemn it-if it was an actual attack on a mosque or immigrants. Many of these events have turned out to be accidents or hoaxes-a la the assault in Illinois and "mosque attack" in Dayton. And why should the Greek govt build a mosque? If the immigarnts are working and have their own funds, they can build their own mosque.

Anonymous said...

You know who you sound like? CAIR.

"Oh we condemn such and such attack, IF it actually happened the way it supposedly did. But hey, there's a chance that the 'official' story is wrong, so..."

You're practicing the same sort of ambiguousness and mincing of words that you condemn.

Linnea Hannigan said...

Gary, there are 26 mosques in Athens alone. 26. is from Mega television in Athens.

Reuters did cover it, and did cover the supposed firebombing of the "mosque".

By the way, Bryan, the Muslims in Athens fight amongst themselves for territory. Just as likely that the firebombing as you like to call it. (it was a tiny camping gas cannister...) was muslim on muslim.

Much of the heroin/hash trade in Athens is linked to the muslim immigrants. Greeks are an Orthodox Christian nation that suffered under 400years of tyrranic muslim rule at the hands of the Turks.

Here is a BBC report on the problem. Look at the streets. Look at the faces. Not one Greek. Not one.

Anyways, I care because of my family and friends there, I care because my kids are 1/2 Greek, I care because again, Christianity is being blamed for the pox of poverty that Muslim immigrants bring into every place they go.

Greece is a Greek Orthodox Christian nation. If the Muslims don't like, it, turn right and swim. Turkey is right next door.

Gary Fouse said...

Not quite Bryan,

I expressed concern over the Elmhurst and Dayton incidents-until they were revealed to be hoaxes. CAIR had to be chided (by me) to remove their report on the Elmhurst "assault" for a week until they grudgingly corrected the record. (The Dayton issue merely died without a resolution, curiously)
CAIR is now apparently in the business of playing defense atty for anyone the FBI arrests claiming entrapment (Niazi and NY case). Meanwhile, they push "Hate crime" stories that that later turn out to be bogus. As yet nobody knows about the Athens incident. Let's wait until arrests are made.