Thursday, April 23, 2009

Perez Hilton Asks the Contestants..........

"Miss California, what did you know about that CIA water boarding, and when did you know it?"

"Miss Arizona, what are you going to do about those right-wing extremists-including veterans?"

"Miss wherever you're from, do you agree with Dick Cheney about releasing all the memos on water boarding?"


Findalis said...

Why is it that when Pelosi speaks, it is in doublespeak? The same is true for Napolitano?

One cannot believe anything either one says.

Linnea Hannigan said...

Gary, this column with Perez Hilton, the standard-bearer of the Democrat Party, asking questions is the bomb! Please don't stop now. I'd really like to see Perez and Barney Frank duke it out. This could become your ticket to the big times ;-)

Gary Fouse said...

Great idea, Linnea! Let me cook something up.