Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Obama Speech-What Will We See Tonight?

"The time is now! This is our moment! Change! Hope! More Change!"

Investco Field at Mile High is apparently getting a major makeover for the Obama speech tonight, Greek columns and all. One thing is for sure; the speech will be designed to appeal to the blind emotions of Obama's supporters. It should be quite a spectacle. Women will be crying and clasping their hands together with enraptured looks on their faces. As long as the teleprompter doesn't break down, it should be a scene of ecstasy throughout the stadium.

One thing that Obama convinced me of in Berlin; the man is a megalomaniac. Now I know why Bill Clinton is leaving town and won't be at Mile High tonight. Add Obama's ego to Biden's ego, and even a stadium that holds 75,000 doesn't have enough room for all three.

I hope that the people in the middle, those who are considering voting for Obama really take in the scene at the stadium, Greek pillars and all. I hope they ask themselves if this is the man that is going to raise up people from their low economic status. Is this really a "man of the people"-or just another self-aggrandizing politician? Will we be thinking of Martin Luther King-or the ugly rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright?

Furthermore, when the audience begins to think that he is not just another money-grubbing politician, I hope they will remember Tony Rezko. When he spouts rhetoric about his patriotism, I hope folks will remember not only Wright, but also William Ayres, an unrepentent Weather Underground bomber and fugitive, who helped get Obama started in politics.

But for those who have already considered those issues and cast them aside, ask yourselves, as you survey the 75,000 seat stadium with the artificial Greek pillars, why this man considers himself too big, too great for a regular convention hall.

Oh, in case you were wondering:

Top: Zeus at Mt Olympus
Middle: Vittore Emmannuele Monument in Rome
Bottom: Zeppelinwiese in Nuremberg


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Oooh! Zeus! Time that guy made a comeback!

Gary Fouse said...

Wow! You are fast, Lance. I only had it up for a couple of minutes then took it back to draft. Here is the "finished product".

Lance Christian Johnson said...

I was on my prep period and taking a break - guess I caught it at the right time. Regardless, I stand by my statement that I want Zeus to make a comeback.

Gary Fouse said...

You only have an hour to wait.

Ingrid said...

I just watched it and none of what you said would happen, did. No tears, no enraptured looks. He is a man of the people and in touch with reality, which I really don't see in McCain. I didn't hear any "Heil Obama" as you were refering to Zeppelin Field in Nuernberg and I saw people, who like me, are sick of Bush and afraid of more of the same from McCain. Obama is the future and McCain the past. Let's move forward.

Gary Fouse said...


Barack Obama is hardly a man of the people, which is actually a vague term. He is a man of Tony Rezko, William Ayres and Jeremiah Wright. (and most "people" never attend Harvard.)

If you look at it my way, Obama represents the tired old liberal mantra of higher taxes, more spending, more programs, more govt control over our lives. There is nothing new about that. If you think that works, you should come back to California and see how our state has been bankrupted by out of control Democratic spending. Now they are trying to tax us to death to balance the budget.

This is not what I consider to be moving forward. Behind the soaring rhetoric and the good looks, last night's speech might as well have been delivered by Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.