Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Ramos Case in San Francisco- LA Times Takes No Note

Kudos to the John and Ken Show on KFI Radio (640 AM)in Los Angeles for picking up on the outrageous case in San Francisco, where an illegal alien gang member, Edwin Ramos, is charged with the senseless murder of a family of three (see my previous post).

Yesterday, John and Ken interviewed the widow of Tony Bologna and mother of two murdered sons, Danielle Bologna.

Today, the two radio jocks pointed out that the LA Times, while ignoring the story in San Francisco, has chosen to publish a sob story about an American woman from Kentucky who married an illegal alien from Mexico. Unfortunately for her, her husband could not be admitted into the US because he had been caught sneaking into the country on two prior occasions. Thus, the poor woman is now forced to live with her husband in Mexico (Tijuana).

Sorry, but this is a case of free choice. The woman chose to marry the man and has chosen to live with him in Mexico. What is the problem?

One LA Times reader, wondering why the Times would place so much emphasis on one story while ignoring the other, decided to call the Times today and ask for an explanation. Unable to reach the writer of the article, Anna Gorman, she spoke to her editor, Carlos Lozano, who expressed total ignorance of the story in San Francisco (Some editor). After a back and forth with Mr Lozano, she was basically told that both parties would have to agree to disagree. (The lady was interviewed on John and Ken's Show today.)

It is obvious that to the LA Times, the plight of this Kentucky woman is of more importance than the fact that three innocent Americans were senselessly killed by an illegal alien who had already been arrested on at least two occasions-and never turned over to ICE. As far as the story in San Francisco is concerned, the LA Times does not even want to know.

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