Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Clue for the MSM

"Excuse us, Sir, could we have a statement please? Sir...Sir? We know you're in there."

It has now been 48 hours, and still the Mainstream News Media is unable to find the Missing Story. So, in the spirit of the Public's right to know, here is yet another clue.


Lance Christian Johnson said...

Is this about Larry Craig?


Gary Fouse said...

No Lance, it is not about Larry Craig. That was last year.

This is now.

You don't know, do you?

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Nah, but I'm not really trying to figure it out either.

I figure I'll just wait until the beans are spilled.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Okay...just googled the room numbers and "McGovern". I think I got it.

Lance Christian Johnson said...

Sorry for the multiple posts - but as of right now, the only one reporting it is the National Enquirer. Everything else is reporting that the Enquirer is reporting.

So, it's not necessarily true, I would say. Not necessarily false either though.

Gary Fouse said...

Bingo! You now know something that 90-95% of the country doesn't know. Go back to my blog and check out the latest post. Follow the directions and read.

Yes, I know it's the NE, but it's pretty detailed.

The real story here is why hasn't the msm reported it yet?

I figure one more day or two and they will have to go with it.