Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fabian Nunez Plays the Race Card

"How about some dessert, Monsieur Speakeur Nunez?
"Put it in a doggie bag. Pour les enfants, you know."

For those of you readers outside the state of California, you should give thanks that you don't have Fabian Nunez (D) in your state. Nunez is the current speaker of the state assembly in Sacramento. Fortunately, he will be termed out at the end of 2008, at which time, he will land in some cushy job as a lobbyist or commissioner of some government boondoggle. Few politicians have used their political position to live such a luxuriant lifestyle as Fabian Nunez. This week, Nunez, who has drawn fire for his personal lifestyle, threw out "ye olde race card" to defend his profligate spending habits-all in the name of the citizens of California.

Of course, Nunez is everything you would expect of a liberal Socialist politician. Born in the San Diego area, Nunez spent his college years in MECHA, the activist Mexican-American university organization that, among other things, believes that the American Southwest should revert back to Mexico. He is a liberal activist who believes in more government programs and more taxes to pay for them. Last year,he and his fellow political hack, Don Perata (D), authored a bill to extend their terms in office while trying to fool the voters into thinking it was a term limits bill. Fortunately, it was rejected by the voters. If you watched any of Hillary's campaign rallies in California, you may have seen him on the stage with her along with our other embarrassment and possible future governor, Antonio Villaraigosa, the erstwhile Mayor of LA, with whom Fabby has shared a mistress).

As stated, Nunez lives high off the hog as speaker of the assembly. Last year, it was publicized that he has made several trips to Europe in the name of his official duties, flies first class, stays in 5-star hotels and treats himself to lavish meals while meeting with whomever he is supposed to meet with. For example, problems with California's educational system? (You bet'cha) The solution is to gallivant off to France (Paris-the Bordeaux region) and consult with French school officials who surely have the secret to educating our schoolkids, gangbangers and others who can't speak English. Of course, it is also necessary to bring back cases of the most expensive French wines in the process, which he can turn around and sell.

So now, after months of embarrassing publicity, Nunez, this week, gave an interview to Univision's (Spanish-language) Voz y Voto (Voice and Vote) in which he defended his actions by playing the race card.

According to Fabian, the criticism is all because he is a Mexican (not a Mexican-American-a Mexican). Nunez also told Univision that his critics think that "just because he is a Mexican, that he should be expected to "sleep under a cactus and eat at a taco stand". Surprisingly, Nunez didn't add that he should be expected to drink Dos X instead of fine Bordeaux wines-or sneak into France illegally hidden in the trunk of a car.

These comments have drawn howls of derision from his enemies including many Mexican-Americans who consider Nunez to be an embarrassment. Nevertheless, he is far from the only joke we have in public office in California. And what does our famous governor, the "Republican", Arnold Schwarzenegger, think of Fabby? Why they get along "fabulously" (pun intended), especially since Anabolic Arnie gave up fighting the Dems and joined them in their wild spending.

Once the laughter from this lame excuse dies down, Nunez can try another excuse-one that usually works: He can always say that "he did it for the children".


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