Thursday, September 13, 2007

The MTV Awards- A Real Masked Ball

Did you watch the MTV Music Video Awards this week? Well, I didn't, but I have seen my share of clips and blurbs that came out of that masked ball. It wouldn't surprise me if Al-Quaida was using MTV clips as a recruiting tool to show just how depraved we are in the West.

Let's see. First there was Britney Spears, in some sort of underwear costume, apparently with her hair grown back plus about 20 pounds, doing a slow motion version of the way she used to dance. Kind of reminded me of watching Barry Bonds running in the outfield this year. Sing? Forget it. She couldn't even get the lip-sync right. She looked like a bored, drugged-out bimbo working at a strip joint in Bullsnuts, Louisiana, which is starting to look like her next gig if she doesn't get herself straightened out soon.

Then there was the dust-up between two guys named Kid Rock and Tommie Lee, both of whose greatest achievement was being married to Pamela Anderson. During one of the "performances", Mr Kid punched Mr Lee, or vice-versa. Must have been some disagreement over Ms Anderson's bra size or who got screwed over most by the aging/sagging siren.

Then there was the profanity-laced tirade of some character named Kanye West, another rap "artist", I presume, who was venting about not being put higher on the billing. As usual, he injected race into the equation, just like when he said that George Bush didn't care about black people in the wake of Katrina. This time, it was, "Give a brother a M........F........break!!" More class indeed for the MTV "spectacular".

One thing that was notably missing from this slobfest of narcissistic, self-indulged "stars" was any reference at all to our men and women who are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan on our behalf, and yes, on their behalf as well. No tributes, no gratitude, no wishes for their safety-nothing. Just a bunch of reprobates having a party, performing crummy music and telling each other how wonderful they are.

I may be an old fuddy-duddy when it comes to music, but who among these clowns can really sing or play an instrument? Between the talking/cursing rappers and the screaming metal stuff, there isn't much left of English-language music these days. (I switched to Spanish music years ago.) But you have to admit, they do put on a pretty good circus every year. Maybe next year they'll have dancing bears. That would be an improvement.

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