Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Democrats and Daily Kos

This coming weekend, the left-wing blog site, Daily Kos, will be holding its annual convention. More significantly, all of the Democratic candidates for president are planning to attend with the exception of Joe Biden. Bill O'Reilly, who has taken on Daily Kos, accusing it of being a radical left hate site, has made a big issue of the fact that the Democratic candidates are gracing Daily Kos with their presence at the convention. O'Reilly maintains that the candidates are making a huge mistake by aligning themselves with the blog.

I am trying to take a more balanced approach to this question, though I am obviously biased as a conservative who has no plans to vote for any of the candidates in question. As a conservative blogger myself, I have sent my imput to several conservative websites. While I don't consider any of them to be hateful, I must admit that some of the co-respondents who post their comments often use intemporate language. I guess some observers would consider some of my own comments to be intemporate at times. Everyone has their own perception.

I am no long time observer of Daily Kos. From my limited looks at their website, it is obviously to the left. I can't say, however, that everything that appears on Daily Kos is over the edge. As far as what others post on their site, a good blog that has the resources should monitor what is posted and quickly delete truly offensive material that would bring discredit to the site.

There are two items, however, that should really give the Democrat candidates pause. First, a few years back, when four American contractors were brutally murdered, burned and mutilated in Iraq, the creator of Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, proclaimed that he didn't care about the fate of the victims. "Screw 'em", were his words. Secondly, there has recently appeared on Daily Kos, a doctored photo that portrays Senator Joseph Lieberman on his knees unzipping the fly of President Bush, obviously preparing to perform oral sex on the president. This is truly over the edge.

The implication of the above two examples of what has appeared on Daily Kos is that the Democratic candidates are about to give the Republicans a huge campaign issue that they will surely put to use. So the question is-why would the candidates, knowing the above, still attend the convention? It seems that the answer lies in the fact that the party is beholden to the far left blogosphere, which is already on record as having stated in effect that they have paid for the party and they own the party. The attendance of Hillary Clinton (who has already been attacked on the blog) and her competitors can only confirm the accusations that they fear the left-wing blogs and dare not offend them. This raises the question- if these candidates for Commander-in-Chief cannot stand up to Daily Kos- how can they stand up to Al Quaida?

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i agree well said.
-active black dem who is very conservative